Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Over Quota

I recently sent an email to someone and the "Internet" responded, saying that it could not be delivered because it was "over quota." Whatever that means! I don't even know if it was on my end or their end. It must be on their end, because I was able to send emails to other people.

Anyone who ever corresponds with me via email knows that I sometimes don't know when to end the email thread. I'll send an email, then another right after and say, "Oops, one more thing!"  Or another a few minutes later with some trivial thing that might be important to me, but quite irrelevant to the conversation. My friends are too polite to tell me to "STOP ALREADY!" (My real life personality is very much the same!)

Isn't it wonderful that we don't get a message like that back from God?  Imagine that you're praying and say, "Amen," and then, "Oops, I forgot something, God." How would it affect your prayer life if you knew you might get a message back from Heaven saying, "Your message could not be sent.  It's over quota."? I don't know about you, but I'd get a little paranoid. I wouldn't know if it's on my end or God's end. Is He too polite to tell me, "STOP ALREADY! I've heard enough from you. I get it, I get it. Stop bothering me with trivial matters that are irrelevant to what you just prayed about!"? Or could it be that His inbox is full and He's over quota? Is He up there saying, "I can't take this anymore! Everyone needs Me! Everyone is praying at once, and I just can't decipher what they're saying! It's like white noise.  Everyone just be quiet! Leave me alone!"? I might just stop praying all together!

Thankfully, our God is not like either of those scenarios. Our God delights to hear us pray. The Lord takes delight in His people (Psalm 149:4-NIV). How He hears every prayer without interference from everyone else is beyond me! If you've ever been in a grade school lunchroom at lunchtime--multiply that by a gazillion and divide it by about 6,000 (the average number of estimated languages in the world)...WOW! And he hears every one!

We are told to cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you (1 Peter 5:7-NIV). "But He's a very busy God." I hear people say this all the time.  "He has people with lots bigger problems than I have to worry about."  First of all, no prayer is too small and no request is too much for our God. Second, God doesn't worry. People do. Consider this: Don't worry about anything; instead pray about everything.Tell God what you need and thank him for what he has done (Phil 4:6-NLT). Yes, everything! Big, small, in between. It's only big or small to us. To God, each request presented to Him is the most important request because it comes from the most important person in the world-you! 

The key is thankfulness.  Present your requests to him with a thankful heart. In the times that you don't feel thankful, those times when everything is crashing down around you, or a loved one is on the brink of death and you don't understand how this can be; when life "isn't fair," and you can't find it in your heart to thank him for that, thank Him that He loves you. That He cares for you. Thank Him for hearing your prayer.  Thank Him that He has no quota!

Blessings Along the Path,

Name (Fireflight)

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