Monday, November 18, 2013

Just Say Thank You

I got my hair cut last week, and I'm still trying to get used to the new style. I thought that cutting my hair shorter and adding more layers would cut down on drying time, but alas, it did not. I spent more time in the bathroom this morning (Sunday) than usual, and wasn't real pleased with the final look. This led to an underlying irritation as I left (late, to boot) for church...I was specifically late for worship team rehearsal. I was, on my way to help lead the congregation into worship for our Lord, and I'm already irritated and just slightly angry. Hmmm...not a good start.

As I was driving, I had this revelation. (I seem to get these things in the woods and in the car). My hair? Really? Is this what it's all about? My hair? shallow! vain! It's not about my hair and it's not even about me! Am I really going to let my hair determine my mood? And am I really going to complain about the condition of my hair, when some people are dealing with much worse issues than their hair?

I decided that if anyone commented on my hair, I would just say thank you and leave it at that. I would not go into my diatribe of, "Thanks, but...". Someone did, in fact comment and I did, in fact, launch into my diatribe. She didn't agree with everything I found wrong. She just thought it looked nice. And probably didn't want to hear my complaining.

Years ago, I  sang and played a song I wrote at church. After the service, a friend came up to me and said, "Wow, that was really good." My reply was, "Thanks, but I was a little off key here and I messed up there and blahblahblah." He just looked at me and said, "Just say thank you."

How often do we do that? Someone compliments us, and we say "thank you, but..." I think it's difficult for a lot of people to simply acknowledge a compliment without justifying it. My husband can do that. But many of us feel the need to point out our flaws or our unworthiness. Why? Well, I'll tell you why I think I do it...because if I point out the flaws first, you can't point them out for me. This way I'm safe.You can't make fun of me or laugh at me. I'll do it first. 

I don't consciously do's probably a survival mechanism that I created years ago when I was insecure, and it has just developed into a bad habit. It is only when we have the security and confidence of Jesus Christ that we can "just say thank you."  Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (Phil 1:6).

This is me in 25 me Jesus!
We've all heard the expression that we are "a work in progress." We will never be finished until we are finished with this life. If we allow the Creator to continue working on us, we will progress. If we diminish those compliments, excuse or explain them away, we hinder that progress. We can be confident and secure in the knowledge that God is for us, not against us. (Rom 8:31, paraphrased). Let's allow Him to carry on His work in us today. The next time you are given a compliment...just say thank you! 

Blessings Along the Path, 

Song of the Day (Sorry, Maria, you almost had it a nun, I'm surprised you didn't have the confidence of Christ!)
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