Friday, November 29, 2013

Make Everything You Do a Hallelujah!

I walked into the gym the other night and this woman I was sort of friendly with back when I tried to take classes (that's another story for another blog) was there. I smiled and said hello, and as I walked past her, she said, "You look great!" I was a bit taken aback. My reply was, "I do?" I wonder why? It certainly isn't my hair-the bobby pins I put in when I left the house to keep my hair off my face make me look either like a granny or a nerd.  "Yeah," she continued. "You lost a ton of weight, didn't you?" Well...first of all, I didn't know I was that fat to look this good! Secondly, I never weighed anywhere near over 2000 pounds, which is what a ton is. Third, I lost about five pounds...and it certainly wasn't from exercising, since I'm allergic to that. But ok, whatever...I'll take it! "Thanks," I said, and wandered over to the machine that would hold me captive for the next 30 minutes. At least I'd have some serious uninterrupted book time.
Treadmills are to Mary as
peanuts are to someone with a nut allergy

She isn't the first one to tell me that I look good-like I've lost a lot of weight...perhaps it's been redistributed to somewhere behind, and when I walk past people, they think, "Hmmm...maybe I shouldn't have been so hasty with my compliment." I don't know, I can't see back there. I wish my doctor would tell me I look good. He just tells me, "You need to exercise more and eat less." blahblahblah...

I mentioned this incident to someone this morning and he said, "I've been telling you that for months! I don't know if it's a weight thing, but you look different." Maybe, just's the joy of the Lord. I did have somewhat of a transformation a few months ago, when I came out of that dry time. Could it be the joy of the Lord that people see in me?

I seriously don't know what these people are seeing that I'm not. But I say, "Hallelujah!" The word hallelujah, literally translated from the Hebrew means Praise (hallel) ye Jehovah (Jah). Instead of questioning, instead of griping and complaining, let's try giving a hallelujah-a shout out to God! Imagine going into the gym and instead of all these sweaty people huffing and puffing, they randomly blurted out "Hallelujah!" when they reached their goals! Or standing in line at the grocery store and hearing "Hallelujah!" from register 1 and then from register 5, then from Aisle 6, then from the Seafood Department. Wouldn't that be a hoot? Imagine getting cut off in traffic and shouting out your window, "Hallelujah, buddy!" 

Yesterday, I spoke of a new Christmas CD I had. I heard this awesome song on it (link is below). One of the lines that really struck me was this: What can I do but praise you? Every day make everything I do a hallelujah! It struck me that whatever we do, we should do it as a hallelujah...whatever you do, do it from the heart, for the Lord and not for people (Col 3:23). From the most menial tasks to the most difficult. From the toughest person we deal with to dealing with ourselves. Today, let's make everything we do a hallelujah!

Song of the Day:
What Can I Do? (Paul Baloche)

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