Friday, December 6, 2013

Filling the Blank Page With Quiet Time

I sat and stared at this blank page for quite awhile. I learned no lesson today. I have no funny story to share. I wondered when this would happen---Writer's Block.

I thought of skipping a day, because I couldn't "come up with anything" but I realized that it's not really about my "coming up with anything," because God just gives it to me. Something would come. I just had to be quiet and wait.

The waiting really paid off...I actually got two blogs out of it! You can read the second half tomorrow.

Life is like that blank page, isn't it? Each day, we have are given a blank page. Everything that went wrong yesterday is forgotten now (at least by God!). Everything we messed up has been forgiven (at least by God!). A blank page can actually be a gift!

How much of our daily living is our own agenda, and how much room do we allow for God to move? If you're anything like me, the first thing you think about when you wake up is what you have to do today. While you're trying to pry your eyelids open, you're already making the mental to-do list. Because we are all so busy with our lives, and for many, the activities and lives of our children, we don't always have time in the morning to spend with God---actually, we probably have the time (if we got up earlier)...we don't make the time (just like my daughter tells me that I don't make the time to go to the gym, when I tell her I don't have the time).

You don't have to set your alarm for 5:00 am for an hour marathon of intercessory prayer, reading five devotionals, and topping it off by reading the book of Leviticus. If I tried to do that, I'd probably run out of prayer after ten minutes, quickly read the devotionals so that I could check them off my list, and then fall back asleep during the Leviticus reading. Some people do that and can do that and that's terrific! But I can't and I don't fault myself because I can't. I do, however, meet with God in the car through worship and during down time at work. We meet regularly throughout my day. When someone pops into my mind, I pray for them. When prayer needs arise, I pray. And of course, when writing my blogs, I meet with him. He is my constant companion.

Remember Quiet Time in school? We would all put our heads down on our desks so that the poor overwrought teacher could get a second wind. It helped her regroup. But Quiet Time also helped us kids to avoid meltdowns.

With Christmas in the air, we are easily distracted by shopping, decorating, baking, parties, and all that other fun stuff. Let's take a few moments each day to sit before the blank white page of God. Though tempted, we must not make our to-do list, our agenda on that blank page. Let's sit quietly and wait. Have some "quiet time."...whether it's at 5:00 am, 5:00 pm, or before you fall asleep. He certainly is not overwrought or in need of regrouping. But we are. Avoid the meltdowns before they come.

Let's allow Him to lead us, to guide us, to speak to us and through us, to direct us. Let's let Him fill that blank page instead of trying to "come up with something" all on our own. 

Blessings Along the Path,

Song of the Day
Guess what? I don't have one. Just be quiet!

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