Saturday, December 7, 2013

Four Little Words

Before I stared at the blank computer screen the other day, I was thinking, "Gee, I don't have anything to write about." Rather than give in to that apathetic thought, I decided to at least open the page. The more I just thought about it and didn't do anything, the more frustrating it would get. The more time that went by, the more panicked I would become. No one said I have to blog every day...except me. I have to live up to my own standards (Oy! that's another blog)! I had to just open the page and stare at the blank whiteness. Something would come. So, I just sat and stared; stared and waited; waited and listened. And then I started writing. 

Nothing happens by just thinking about it. We need to be proactive and do something, even if we're not sure what to do, even if we're afraid, or hesitant, or unsure. We won't get anywhere by saying, "I wish I could do..."  or "I wish I had...." As Joyce Meyer says, "No one ever got anywhere by wishing." You get there by doing. I can think about writing, but words won't get on a page unless I actually do the process. If you're afraid, unsure, or hesitant, do it anyway! Do it through the feelings. Do it through it! Don't let fear and frustration win!

That's the difference between having a dream and following a dream. Having a dream is thinking about it. It's abstract. Following the dream involves doing it. It's concrete. Doing it makes it reality. And that's scary because fear is involved. What if I fail? What if I'm terrible? What if they don't like me? What if I can't do what I thought I could do? 

What if?

What if...I succeed? What if I'm not terrible, but I'm pretty good? What if I can do even more than I thought I could? What if I discover, through doing my dream, that I have other talents, other desires, other dreams to follow? What if there is no stopping my dream?

Where would our country be now if Martin Luther King never stood up and said, "I have a dream!"? Where will you be if you keep your dream in the abstract and never do anything about it? Probably sitting in the same place you are right now, except a little more bitter. 

Four little words...I have a dream! 
         morph into
Four little words...I think I can!
        morph into
Four little words...Do it through it!
        morph into 
Four little words...I can do it!

The "morphing" comes as you believe. Don't let anyone or anything hold you back from taking a proactive stand for your dream. If you encounter negativity along the way (and you will!) avoid those people! 

God gave you gifts and talents. The desires you have to pursue your dream--He put them there! But don't be surprised if your dream takes an unexpected turn in the middle, like mine did. Sometimes that happens. And sometimes it doesn't. The key is flexibility. Stay focused on the Lord, and He will reveal it to you as you go along. Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart (Ps 37:4).

Exploring new territory is challenging, scary and exciting! Be proactive! Do your dream! Tell yourself these four little words:

I have a dream!
I think I can!
Do it through it!
I can do it!

Oh God help me!

Blessing Along the Path,

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