Thursday, December 26, 2013

It's Routine

Christmas time with its over-eating, over-baking, over-shopping, and basic over-indulgence tends to throw our systems out of whack. Personally, I ate so many Christmas cookies that I found myself eating them even though I didn't want them, just to get them out of the house!

Now that all the excitement has died down, I'm thinking perhaps I can get back to my routine. I'm not sure what my routine is, but I know I have one. We all do. We go to the same place in the morning for our coffee, we open up the same program on our computer and listen to our messages when we get to work, check Facebook, pack the kids' lunches...whatever...everyone has some semblance of a routine. Just like going to the gym (I'm still working on that routine...)

The problem with routine is sometimes it becomes just that...routine. It becomes so automatic that we don't think about it. A synonym for routine is regimen. That sounds militaristic. We certainly don't want our routine to become a regimen-something rote, that we do automatically, without thinking, because then our lives become dull and boring. There must be a happy medium.

In the same light, when we are busy and overworked, we tend to get out of our routine we have with God...if we have one. We become too busy to pray, too busy to read a five minute devotional, too busy to read our bible, too busy to be kind to our neighbor, too busy to listen for God's voice, too busy to care. The more time we don't spend with God, the easier it becomes to devote our energies elsewhere. Christmas is no exception. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of preparations, we forget the real reason we have Christmas-to celebrate the birth of Christ. It would be like making all these elaborate preparations for a birthday party only to forget to acknowledge the birthday boy or girl.

Now is a good time to come back to that routine. Forget New Year's resolutions. They're overrated. And we often fail to keep them, and then feel guilty, but that's another blog. Why wait till the New Year? Why make a resolution? Why not simply make an effort? Make it a priority. You can do it, and so can I! If you've fallen away, don't beat yourself up; just jump back in to your routine, or try a new one. Maybe that one wasn't working. Maybe it was becoming too rote, too automatic. 

God wants our devotion, not our obligation. My son, give me your heart and let your eyes delight in my ways (Prov 23:26). We all know when someone is doing something for us out of obligation, and it's an awkward feeling. It means so much more to know that someone is doing something for us simply because they want to; out of love, not obligation. God wants our simple and pure devotion. And I think that's a great foundation on which to build a routine.

Blessings Along the Path,

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