Saturday, January 25, 2014

God's Sea Glass

Remember walking on the beach collecting sea glass? I always thought sea glass was the coolest thing. Broken bits of bottles or other glass that somehow became smooth. They were like little rocks. People actually make jewelry out of sea glass.

The interesting thing about sea glass is that it starts out as broken shards of glass. Broken glass is sharp. Years and years of tumbling and rolling over the sand and in the salt of the sea wears these broken edges off to a rounded and smooth finish. 

We are like sea glass. We spend years being tossed about. Even if you had a wonderful and "functional" upbringing, and and have no clear cut "dysfunction," to blame on your parents, everyone experiences hurt, pain and rejection in their lives. It's part of life and it's conducive to our growth and maturity. It's those broken pieces of our lives that shape us. We can hold on to them, and allow those shards to keep hurting us. And when people get too close for our comfort, they will feel the sharp edges of our brokenness. We will succeed in wounding others as well as ourselves. 

Or we can release those sharp pieces of hurt into the sea of forgetfulness, where God has cast our sins. When we open our hands and give those shards to Jesus, the healing begins. It may come quickly, but more likely, it will take years. If we spend years clutching our brokenness, it makes sense that it will take years of tumbling to refine us, to smooth out those sharp edges. It's a process, and if we want to become God's sea glass, we must endure the process of tossing and tumbling, often being thrown against the sand in order to smooth out our rough edges. The salt of our tears which was once self-pity becomes a healing balm. 

Then, one day, we will find ourselves at peace, washed up on the shore, where there are hundreds of other pieces of sea glass. It is then that we will notice that the hurt we once held on to has gone and in its place is a beautiful gem.

Blessings Along the Path,


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Brokenness Aside (All Sons & Daughters)

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