Monday, January 27, 2014

The Wind

Wind is a strange and fascinating phenomenon. I can’t see it-but I can see it.  It weaves its way through tree branches and turns leaves upside down.  Sturdy evergreens sway back and forth in a rhythmic cadence, their pinecones clattering to the ground in obedience to the wind’s commands.  Leaves scurry about, running circles around each other, going nowhere until they finally get slapped against a wall in defeat.  Cumulus clouds race through the vast expanse of sky; I wonder how high the wind has authority if even the clouds obey? 

I can hear it, but it has no sound.  Warm gentle breezes cause a rustling on the trees, a ripple on the water, a swaying of grass, and its gentleness is heard.  Stronger winds carry a roar.  The wind itself has no sound.  It’s the things that get in its way that trigger the sound - the mighty rocks, the hills and valleys, the mountains and canyons, the tall tree trunks, the fragile branches that reach heavenward in an effort to touch.  And me. 

Not only can I see and hear the wind, but I can feel it.  It has no visible shape, no tangible form, but if I hold my hand out, I feel the wind. I cannot touch it; rather, it touches me.  I cannot touch something that has no form.  I cannot hold it.  For each time I feel the wind, it is different.  It is never the same wind as before.  It’s always a fresh wind.

Wind moves me.  Wind demands my attention!  Wind reaches into my being and pulls out that which is sleeping and awakens it.  Wind warns me.  Its roar captures my heart and speaks urgently.  “The time is now,” it shouts!  Then it is gone. The wind is still.  Until it comes again.
Yes, wind is a mighty and powerful phenomenon. 

If we pay very close attention, we can see, hear and touch the Wind of the Spirit.  The Spirit of God weaves His way through the branches of our lives, and turns our leaves upside down.  Just when we think we are standing strong, His Spirit moves in our lives and upsets our “pinecones”-the fruit of our so called labor. Everything we think is important in growing our ministries, our businesses, our families, our lives, comes clattering down to the ground with one strong wind.
And the leaves in our lives-don’t we run about in the wind, thinking that we are doing something important, while, if someone else were to observe, they would see us scurrying about in meaningless circles until we are slapped against a wall in defeat? Then we look up.  We see that the Wind of the Spirit is so mighty, that even the clouds obey.  How high is the authority of the Most High?  We cannot see to the ends of the sky. 

How quickly and easily we get in the way of God! The Wind of His Spirit is always moving, but we don’t always notice.  It isn’t until we get in the way of the Wind of His Spirit that we hear His mighty roar.  Sure, when we are quiet, we can hear His still, small voice; the gentle breeze which seeps in and out of our pores, speaking softly and tenderly.  But when we attempt to navigate through life on our own accord, in our own way, we get in the way of what God wants to do in our lives.  We don’t see the path He wants us to take. We continue to move in our own desires.   We are listening to our heads and not to our hearts.  And that is where God speaks to us.  Deep within. 

The Wind of His Spirit wakes us up.  It demands our attention.  It warns us.  It captures our
hearts and speaks urgently to us.  It shouts, “The time is now!”  And then it is gone.  The Wind that we just felt is not the same wind that we will feel after we blink.  We miss the moment when we don’t act on those words, “The time is now.”

We cannot touch the Wind of the Spirit; rather, it touches us.  It is always the same, yet always fresh and new. A new anointing, a new Word, new mercies, every morning. God touches us in the wind and wants our attention.  He longs to caress us in the gentle breezes, but sometimes we need the roar of the wind to awaken our souls.  Sometimes, when the storms come, we cry out, “God, where are you?”  And we are afraid of the wind.  But God is right there, in the wind.   

Blessings Along the Path,

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