Monday, February 3, 2014


Amanda Knox (and her boyfriend) were recently found guilty of murdering her roommate in 2007. She had been handed a guilty verdict before, but it was overturned in an appeal. But the Italian government decided that they wanted to try her again. This time, she wasn't even there.

"I am frightened and saddened by this unjust verdict," she said in written remarks. "Having been found innocent before, I expected better from the Italian justice system. The evidence and accusatory theory do not justify a verdict of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. ...There has always been a marked lack of evidence."

Did she do it? There are only three people who know for sure, and one of them is dead. But this isn't the first time the Italian government found someone guilty with "a marked lack of evidence."

Jesus was found guilty of the crime of blasphemy, by saying He was the Son of God, thus undermining the authority of the Jewish leaders. And treason against the Roman government and Caeser's authority. The crime was punishable by death. Wow, can you imagine if blasphemy was punishable by death today? There wouldn't be too many of us left in this sad state of a world.

Jesus was actually not found guilty of any crime under Roman law, because Pilate "washed his hands" of the situation, and said, "I find no fault with this man."(Luke 23:4). Nevertheless, Jesus was sentenced to death, because Pilate gave in to the pressure of the Jews who demanded his crucifixion. 

A guilty charge--a death sentence--and really no evidence. 

I am not saying Amanda Knox is innocent. I am in no position to determine her innocence or guilt. But it makes me think, as I often do...what must it be like to be sentenced to prison, or worse, to death, for a crime you did not commit? What goes on in the head of an innocent person who has to spend years, if not a lifetime, in prison? 

I would be angry, confused and scared. Very scared. And I'd probably cry---a lot! But then, I'd have no choice but to "buck up" and get tough in order to survive.

Jesus did none of that. He was fulfilling a prophecy, and He knew that this was all part of the Divine Plan. The chief priests accused him of many things. So again Pilate asked him, "Aren't you going to answer? See how many things they are accusing you of." But Jesus made no reply, and Pilate was amazed (Mark 15:3-5. emphasis mine) 

He made no reply. He was at peace. Only the Son of God could do that! He never defended himself; he made no appeal. He accepted His fate and went, willingly to His death, a death He knew was to come...had to come. Even Pilate (who knew Jesus was an innocent man) was amazed. How could someone who was staring death in the face be so calm?

Amanda Knox will serve 28-1/2 years in an Italian prison...unless she becomes a fugitive first, which she has stated that she would do if convicted. 

When it is our time to stare death in the face, will we run, like Amanda Knox, or will we call on Jesus, who walked that path before and who is the author of peace? It's inevitable, death. So, for me, I choose life---strange as it may sound---life into death? Yes, life with my Savior, Jesus. Life now and life everlasting. Because of His sacrifice, He...the innocent one, died for me...the guilty one, and I get to go free...that is amazing love. Yes, I'll gladly walk with Him now and always.

Blessings Along the Path,
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