Monday, February 24, 2014

Jesus Never Ran

"I've never known Jesus to run. He always walked and took His time."  This said by my 82 year old mother,. We were discussing how the world is in such a hurry, and how people get annoyed when they are stopped by a slow person. 

I have been that slow person lately. I made a trip to the supermarket a few days after my surgery (with my husband). I felt like Tim Conway, when he plays the world's oldest man, shuffling along and speaking so slowly that his words almost don't come out. 

The people were going so fast, and the shopping carts seemed to be flying around corners. It seemed like they were all going to run me over. It was all very overwhelming. I wanted to put my hand up to stop them, in a "World's Oldest Man" fashion and say, "a...whooooooaaaaa!"

Having no choice but to move slowly has given me a compassion that I don't know that I had before. I think that when I'm able to move quickly again, I will be more considerate of those who can't. There is a reason people move slow, and it's not to simply annoy those behind them who are in a hurry. We might do well to learn from them.

I thought about what my mother had said. It's true. Nowhere in the bible do we ever read about Jesus running; perhaps as a child we picture him running and playing. But as a man, we only read about Him walking. Never being in a hurry. Admonishing those who are in a hurry, like Martha. 

I believe that Jesus had the mindset of, "I will get there when I get there, and it will be the appointed time." Even when Martha (there she is again) begged Jesus to hurry to her brother Lazarus, he stopped to heal a woman. Even though we think it's too late, our brother has died, and has been dead for several days, when Jesus arrives on the scene, He brings life, regardless of the time element. 
Jesus was fully man, but also fully God. God does not have time. Time was made by man for man. There are no clocks in heaven. Those were made for us, so that we could better micro-schedule our day, and become agitated when we are late.

Jesus is never late. He is always "on time." He never hurries. He never runs. We might do well to learn from his example.

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