Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Except When I Pray

I've been plagued lately with insomnia. Not the "up all night" kind; more like the "when I get up to go to the bathroom and lay (lie?) back down, I'm wide awake" kind. The problem with something like this is that when I wake up, I immediately worry that I won't get back to sleep; that thought alone will keep me awake.

I don't seem to have a lot of say in the matter. Either I'm awake or I'm not. My mind starts whirring, like a helicopter. Thoughts churn around and around until they come back again. Nothing I do seems to help. Except when I pray. 

I don't get out of bed. I don't turn on the light and grab my bible. I just lay (lie?) there and people start coming to mind. And I just send up a quick "think" prayer---you know, the kind where you don't really go into an actual prayer, but you just think about the person and their situation. After all, God knows my thoughts, so a think prayer counts just as much as a formal prayer does. 

Or, instead of dwelling on my problem at hand, I meditate on a scripture. I just keep repeating it in my head; something that might help my anxiety like, "I will not be afraid of the terror of night," (Ps 91:5). Because when I lay (lie?) awake in the middle of the night, I start thinking about things that might be wrong, and that can lead to more anxiety. Things escalate and become bigger in the middle of the night.

A similar thing happened immediately after I had surgery. I heard this voice, "You're in Recovery." I opened my eyes and tried to say, "Yay!" but nothing came out. But in my head I shouted, "Yay!" My mind was alert and almost on overdrive, but my body was at the other end of the spectrum. It was the strangest thing. I wanted to talk, but I couldn't. Very frustrating for a person who never shuts up. It could have been a reaction to the anesthesia...I don't know. I had to talk to myself in my head. I told myself to let them do their job; they know what they're doing. I told myself to relax, that my body would awaken when it's ready. I couldn't get relief. Except when I prayed. I don't remember what I prayed, but I remember that the only way I could calm myself down in my head was to pray. I believe I thanked and praised God. 

There is something soothing about prayer, whether it's for myself or others. It puts me into a different zone and I forget about the fact that I can't sleep...or can't wake up! Eventually, instead of my mind whirring like a helicopter, I feel a settling peace, my thoughts become more sparse and I even I start to forget that I'm praying. Calm trumps anxiety and I begin to drift off. When I couldn't wake up and talk, that calm gave me the ability to accept where my body was and needed to be...in a state of recovery. 

If you have an overactive mind, like I do, I'm sorry. There isn't a whole lot you can do about that. Nothing will turn it off. Except when you pray. Trust me...it works.

Blessings Along the Path,

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In the Stillness (Ruth Fazal)..and others...apparently the link has many songs... (great music for helping you get to sleep!)

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