Monday, March 3, 2014

Listen to Your Doctor

"Listen to your doctor. Do what he tells you."

That's what everyone tells me. And I do, because I want to heal. When we visit the doctor and he (or she) gives us antibiotics for an infection, we take it as prescribed. We don't argue or take it as we like. Well, maybe some people do, but the general public typically takes medication as directed and takes a doctor's advice to heart. We don't tend to want to mess around with our health. We know that the doctor knows far more than we do. He's the expert, so we listen.

Why, then do we not do the same when we know God is telling us to do or not to do something, especially when it's for our own good? We balk, we rebel, we ignore His voice, and we excuse our behavior. Sadly, we often don't take our spiritual health as seriously as we do our physical health. We know that God knows far more than we do, that he is the expert...yet we seem to think we know better. Or, that we can get away with something. Or, that if we don't listen, it won't be that big of a deal. We know because we've tried it before and got away with it. We didn't die. We didn't get more sick. Do we not take our faith seriously enough?

Sure, we can get away with doing things our way, and we won't die. But we will fall away from grace for a time...but we can always come to God through the blood of Jesus and be forgiven, right? It's not like rebelling against taking a blood thinner, getting a blood clot and having a stroke. It's more like not taking the cough syrup and having that virus hang on longer than necessary. It's a small price to pay. Not a big one. Or is it? 

We fool ourselves. The more we disobey God, do things our own way and fall away from grace, the more we disobey, rebel and fall away until we are so used to it that we no longer hear the voice of God...or maybe we do, but we're confused as to whose voice we're hearing. We just go about our day doing things the way we "feel led," deceiving ourselves into thinking we're hearing from God. Eventually, we will get sicker...spiritually sick, and die...a spiritual death.

A few years ago, I told my cardiologist about a close family member who'd recently had bypass surgery and the specifics behind it. Because of family history, he grew very concerned and vowed to keep a close eye on my health and my heart, even though it's very healthy. His words were, "Not on my watch." I was very taken by the depth of his concern and dedication. 

But my cardiologist doesn't love me. He cares about me, but I'm guessing he wouldn't lay his life down for me. God does. He loves me so much that He proclaims those same words..."Not on my watch." He vows to keep a close eye on our spiritual health, even when we neglect it. He fights the battles for our soul in the heavenly realms. He gently woos us back when we turn the other way, when we become confused as to if we're hearing His voice or not. He gently whispers in our ear until we hear Him and return to Him in gratitude. That gratitude leads to obedience. 

We always have a choice. We can take our medicine and do what the doctor says.We can spend time in His Word and listen to our Great Physician. Or we can try to do things our own way. But we usually end up back at the Doctor when doing things our own way doesn't work. 

Listen to your Doctor. Do what He says.

Blessings Along the Path,

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