Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Wiser One

Sad (and drugged) Lucy 
Lucy, aka Normal Dog, recently had a mass removed from her toe. Unfortunately, she lost the toe in the process. We managed to get Psycho Dog out of the house for awhile so Lucy can recuperate without being stalked and chased on top of everything else she's going through. 

She has to go out on a leash, which presents a problem. She pulls. And I'm restricted in my activities so I can't take her out. Brian has to do it when he's home, but I was faced with a dilemma...who will take her out during the day? Luckily, I raised an empathetic daughter who took pity on me and will come today. I bribed her with lunch. 

I'm also lucky that somewhere along the line, that daughter became the wiser of the two of us. Lucy wouldn't pee this morning; Brian had her out for 20 minutes. I guess she was so out of sorts, and couldn't find much grass. He went to work and I panicked. What do I do now? What if she has to go when no one is here to help me? How will I handle this? I texted Amy, my daughter, who has a dog and has learned a few things along the path of life (and maybe her mother?). This was her response: "Stop worrying about it. If she pees in the house she pees in the house...ur not supposed to be moving around a 70 lb dog...sit in ur chair and stop worrying about it."

When did my daughter become wiser than I? When did she start giving me advice that actually makes more sense than my own treadmill reasoning (around and around going nowhere)? maybe a long time ago and I never paid attention. Why was I getting myself in a dither? If Lucy pees in the house, I'll clean it up. Why was I over-complicating things...yet again???
No, this is not Amy and I. We are far better looking!

Sometimes we need to listen to people we think know less than us, especially our children. Adult children are just that...adults! They know things! Even the youngest children can teach us things because they have not yet learned to be hung up on life. Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought (Rom12:3). This verse should be taken in context with the subsequent verses, which explain the gifts and how each of us needs to work together and not think more highly of the office we hold over the gift someone else might have. But doesn't it make sense in everyday life too? 

I know I don't have all the answers on any given day. Sometimes I need to be slapped to snap out of my ridiculous thinking (A text works the same way as a slap and doesn't hurt as much). Keep your mind, your heart and your ears open, and you just may hear what you need to hear. And you may be surprised at the source.

Thank you Amy.

Blessings Along the Path,

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