Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Too Tired to Care That I'm Tired

I went back to work the other day, after being home for almost six weeks. I figured that working a half day would ease myself back in. I was right. I knew I'd be tired, but boy I wasn't prepared for exhaustion. I feel like I've been working a ten hour day instead of a five. Both my body and my mind have had it after five hours. 

I was driving home from work yesterday afternoon and was feeling a bit frustrated because I wanted to have more energy, but there was nothing I could do about it. Hadn't I learned anything from the last six weeks? Our bodies heal in their own time. We can't rush that. AND...I'm on the "other side of 50."  Healing doesn't come quickly anymore. I have to accept that.  

I'm still exhausted, even though I had a nap. There is not much I can do once I leave work but go home and rest. Accepting things that are beyond our control is all part of relinquishing that control. We can't always be what we want to be, even if all we want to be is simply not tired! No sense trying to fight it.

What are you fighting against today? What are you trying to control that is beyond your control? Is it frustrating you? Give it up. Let it go. No sense trying to fight it.

Blessings Along the Path,


  1. Ths is the first blog of yours that I've had a chance to read. Well, I read you, sister. Came home from a conference on the "other side of 70" and it's taken more than a day to start to feel normal. As you said, had to give in and just sleep. Just am thankful that it's possible to take the time to do that. Have a good one. It get's easier. -Cathy

  2. I'm so happy you commented! No one ever does! However, I'm sorry we feel each others' pain. When did we get old?