Monday, April 21, 2014

Acting Like a Dog...Again.

Meet Chinook. My grand-dog. I know...he looks like Lucy. All Goldens look the same. I once brought Lucy to doggy day-care and got a dog named Ross back. I only knew it wasn't Lucy because the dog had a different collar. Of course, I would have realized it sooner or later, especially if I'd checked under the hood.

Chinook is our mascot. Rich (my son, whom I work for) often brings him to work and leaves him in the office. You can see where he likes to be. Practically on top of me. My work space is already confined; now I have to step over the dog.

He doesn't move...unless I move. If I go over to the table, he follows me. It's ten feet away. If I go around to the other side of the desk, he gets up to see where I've gone. And if I stay anywhere for any length of time (like more than 60 seconds), he plops down right there. He's getting old, so when he plops, he grunts and sounds like a car revving its motor. Rrrrrmmm.

As annoying as this is, it's also endearing. I'm not his master (mistress? madam? Oh, better stop while I'm ahead...) but while his master is not here, I'm the closest thing to one. I'm clearly the one in charge, and he gets that. 

It gives me a picture of what we ought to be like with our Master. When He is seated on His Heavenly Throne, we are to lay at his feet: calm; peaceful; submissive. As close as we can get. Not needing to do anything except rest. Relax. When He moves, we move. Even if it's only ten feet. If He moves more than that, we are to follow Him to see what He's doing. And to again sit at His feet. Not running about, not running in circles, not running off on our own. Imagine being that devoted, that loyal, that dependent upon our Master?

Dogs can teach us a lot about life and how to live it. Unless you get a dog like Psycho Dog, who is in a constant battle to see who's boss, most dogs look to their "pack leader" for guidance and direction. They move when the pack leader moves. They rest when the pack leader rests. They follow the one in charge. They are obedient (see above disclaimer regarding Psycho Dog), loyal and loving. They love unconditionally. I love how you walk out of the room, and 5 minutes later, when you walk back in, they act like you've been gone for weeks. My husband never does that.

Imagine what the pack would look like if all the dogs did their own thing? They wouldn't know when to move, when to hunt, when to rest, when to stay, when to go, when to eat, when to sleep. It would basically be canine chaos. Not only that, but their chaos could leave an opening for an attack from their enemies...a serious threat to the pack.The pack leader controls the pack. 

Don't we act like that? I'll bet if we could look at us from God's perspective, we'd see a lot a lot of uncontrolled scurrying. Let us come calmly, obediently, submissively, to our Master and lay ourselves at His feet. Let us acknowledge that He is in control, so we no longer need to be. Let us lie down in green pastures (Ps 23:2).

Oh, to be a dog...

Blessings Along the Path,

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