Friday, April 25, 2014

Jesus, my Library Book

A few days ago I witnessed a crime. I saw a man, probably an employee of the library, come out of the library with several shopping bags of books on a hand cart. No, he wasn't stealing books. I thought he was walking to his car, but he kept going past all the cars. I wondered, Where is this guy going? He stopped at the dumpster. Yes, he threw the books away! Watching him unload those shopping bags full of books into the dumpster, as if they were last week's leftovers, broke my heart. I wanted to rescue them, but, really, what would I do with all of them?

I love books and I have a special fondness for the library. I've always loved the library. There's
something about library books with their crinkly covers, and special library smell, part mustiness, part new book, part...well, other people's germs I guess. They're somehow different from all the other books on my table (aside from the fact that I only have 2 weeks to read them and they do not belong to me)

I feel the same way about Jesus. He's different from all the other gods/idols I've worshiped in my life. And I've worshiped many. When I was younger and more easily influenced, I gave in to the latest trends in an effort to feel complete. Jesus was sort of on the back burner, simmering (not in anger...I just left Him there till I needed/wanted Him/could fit Him in my life). He's sort of like those library books. There's something special...different...unique about Him. And when I read posts on Facebook or otherwise, comments that either mock Him or just make light of who He is, it breaks my heart.

I know that not everyone loves library books like I do. Or even books. Just like I know that not everyone shares my sentiments about Jesus. To some, He's just someone they've heard stories about. He's some sort of deity, to be lumped together with the others they've heard about. They're not "religious" so it's okay for them to speak irreverently of him (I'm not saying that it's okay; rather I'm thinking that they think it's okay). 

When I read these things, I don't feel the need to defend my Jesus because what good would it do? To them, it's all in fun, and the thread grows with each "humorous" comment. You get some "Jesus Freak" comment, it kills the joke. No one wants to hear that. I don't want to get into a debate on Facebook, especially on someone else's page, so I don't comment.  Maybe you disagree. Maybe you feel that we, as Christians should always defend our faith. But I believe that there does have to be some respect for other peoples' posts. Sometimes, we need to keep our opinions to ourselves. And sometimes, you just know that it would do no good; it would do nothing but stir up hostility. And I'm not into all that on Facebook. So I read, and my heart breaks.
What a clever idea!
I would TOTALLY buy this!
When I saw those books being discarded, I felt that same heartbreak; discarding books that were once popular, books that authors worked so hard to write, books that were once meaningful and special were now deemed worthless. My Jesus, my special library book, is discarded in the same manner by those who deem Him worthless. It breaks my heart.

Blessings Along the Path,

Throwing Library Books Away In Virginia--I'm not the only one who feels this way!
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You Are My All in All (Dennis Jernigan)

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