Thursday, April 24, 2014

Living "With Intent"

People ask me how I come up with a blog every day. Where do the ideas come from? Honestly, it baffles me as well. I just start writing about everyday things, and more often than not, the lesson comes as I write. I confess, I don't always learn the lesson at the time.

One person told me that she realized one day, while reading my blog, that I go about my day "with intent." I suppose I do. I don't necessarily look for the lesson for the benefit of writing my blog, but I do always try to look for the lesson as I journey down the path called life. I look for the lesson so that I can grow and change. The mediocre things, the everyday things, the mundane...they tend to just be part of our day. The out of the ordinary things-good and bad alike-they tend to be the things that teach us. But we can learn from the mundane, the ordinary as well.

Very often, we wake up and say, "Oh, another boring day ahead." How do we know that? We don't know what the day will hold. We don't know that we might walk across the street, with traffic stopped on both sides, and halfway there realize that our car is not parked on that side and try to act all cool about it, thereby making us crack up. That's not the start of a boring day. We don't know that we may say something really stupid and hurt someone's feelings, thereby learning the gift of thinking before we speak, and humility at having to apologize. We don't know that we may encounter someone in need and we have just the thing to fill their need, thereby learning the gift of giving, which in turn teaches us how much we really receive from giving. We should be excited about our day, since we really don't know what it holds for us!

We can muddle through our day immersed in ourselves and our troubles, or we can go through our day "with intent," asking God, "What will you have me do today? Where will we go today, God? What will you teach me, Rabboni (Teacher)? Who will we see and how can I make a difference?"

I don't know how I do what I do. Anyone who knows me knows how much I talk (my boss/son is always telling me to stop talking when he's trying to think). I don't love to talk so much as I just can't help doing it. I'm an "external processor," meaning I think out loud. Drives people crazy. I've always loved to write as well. I suppose I just transfer some of that talking into writing and ideas come. That, and the help of the Holy Spirit. We write "with intent." And, at this point in time, it's become a discipline. I'm committed to writing and anything you commit to requires discipline, something I'm not good at, but learning the necessity of.

Going through your day "with intent" isn't so hard. You just purpose to go through the day with a purpose. Ask God those questions when you get up...the ones I mentioned above. Ask Him to awaken your senses to notice those things and those people around you. Maybe you'll write a blog too!

Blessings Along the Path,

Song of the Day
Stop & Listen (Bethany Dillon)

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