Thursday, April 10, 2014

Who's in Charge?

One more night! One more night until Psycho Dog goes back to her foster mother. We thought we had seen the last of her, but the trainer called last week and asked us if Foxy could come back for a few days for reasons not important to this blog. Well...she is technically still our dog, so how could we say no? This woman is doing us a huge favor by taking Foxy off our hands; we had to help her since she is helping us!

Foxy had been in her temporary new home for several weeks, and when she came back she was very first. I thought perhaps she realized that this was no longer her domain (even though it never was, maybe we unknowingly agreed with her that it was). Poor Lucy...first Foxy was there for a really long time and made her life hell, then she wasn't, and she was an only dog, which I think she rather liked, then Chinook (my son's dog) came to stay for awhile, then Chinook left and she was all alone again and then Foxy returned. I think they were both confused and neither one knew who was in charge. Hello??? I AM IN CHARGE!

Don't we do that with God? We clatter around noisily, thinking we are "letting" God be in charge, when really we are trying to take over. We get confused in our thinking. We get confused with the rules. We get confused as to where we belong. We just get confused and we clatter around in our temporary home called earth. All the while, God is patiently watching all of this. When we finally look up in confusion and curiosity, He smiles and says, "Hello??? I AM in charge!"

Unlike my stupid and hard-headed dogs, when we hear our Master's voice letting us know who is in charge, we can relax. Or...maybe we are not unlike my dogs and we are stupid and hard-headed and don't want to listen. 

The thing about dogs is they really don't want to be in charge. It frightens them. It makes them insecure. They feel out of control, and act accordingly. They want their master to be in charge. They really do want to be submissive. It's just that every now and then, a psycho dog comes along and gets the lines confused.

Aren't we really like that? Do we really want to be in charge? Do we really want to be left to figure things out on our own? That's a huge responsibility. It's frightening and makes us insecure. Whether we know it or not, whether we admit it or not, we really do want our Master to be in charge.

Stop clattering around. Stop running in circles, chasing your tail. Listen to the Master. Heed His voice.

Blessings Along the Way,

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