Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why Worry?

I think I have OCD. I think I have OCD. I think I have OCD.

Sorry, I got a little sidetracked there...

I don't compulsively wash my hands. I don't go back into a room to be sure I switched off the lights. I don't have to touch things when I walk by, like Monk.

But I have been known to obsess about things. (See Treadmill of Thoughts blog in archives:10/18/2013)

I worry/obsess about the silliest things, the little why didn't my blog go out today? Or I need to read all my library books waaaaay before they're due. Or I owe someone 50 cents. Or I need to make juice before the fruit goes bad.

But I don't worry/obsess about big things like what if Brian loses his job and we can't pay our mortgage? Or how are we going to pay all the medical bills we've accrued? Or what if my car doesn't make it another year and I need to buy a new car? It's the big "what ifs?" that I avoid. And they always seem to have something to do with money.

Am I really avoiding these questions or do I actually have faith? It doesn't take a lot of faith to remember to pay someone 50 cents I owe them. They've probably forgotten anyway. Library books...not big on the faith scale. Blog issues? More of an ego issue than a faith issue. Maybe I obsess/worry about these silly things because I can actually do something about them. Those bigger things not so much. They require faith. Maybe I have more faith than I realize. 

God has never failed me financially. He has always provided for me or provided a way out. So, it makes sense that He always will. He's got a pretty good track record. 

It has been said that courage is fear that has said its prayers. I believe that worry is basically fear without faith. If I have faith that God will provide, I have no reason to worry. So why bother?

So...why do I still worry about the little things? It's those little things that trip us up daily. Maybe I need to have a little more faith in other people and in myself. Or maybe my OCD just needs to have an outlet...did you say outlet?  Did I unplug the iron? Did I unplug the iron? Did I unplug the iron?

Blessings Along the Path,

Songs of the Day:
Jehovah Jireh, My Provider
Let Faith Arise (Chris Tomlin)

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