Monday, May 26, 2014

It Was For Freedom

Today is the unofficial start of summer. Americans celebrate with picnics, parades and parties. 

Moreover, today is the day that we remember the many brave men and women went before us to fight for our freedom, the freedom that we so often take for granted. The freedom that this country was founded on.

It's not really a happy occasion, especially for those who've lost loved ones in the battle. But we say "Happy Memorial Day," because it's a celebration.

I'd like to take this opportunity to recognize those who served or who are currently serving in our nation's military. I am forever grateful to those soldiers who fought for my freedom, and for their bravery, to the point of losing limbs or even losing their lives. Thank you.

There is one particular soldier who fought bravely for my freedom. He went to the battleground, suffered a bloody and brutal death, and gave his life for me. His name is Jesus Christ. He went to his death fighting for my freedom---freedom from the bondage of sin and death. Freedom from fear, guilt, condemnation, doubt, shame and so much more! And He did it for me. And for you. And if I was the only one on the earth, He would have done it for just me.

So today, when I remember the brave men and women who went to battle for my freedom, I will also remember my Warrior Friend, my Savior, the bravest soldier I Hero. Jesus Christ. Thank you doesn't even come close to expressing my gratitude.

Happy (??) Memorial Day!

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Forever (Kari Jobe & Brian Johnson)

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