Thursday, May 29, 2014

Releasing the "Talk" Button to Hear God

One of the things that really gets on my nerves is when people interrupt me while I'm talking. One person told me that if he didn't say what came into his head when it came in, then it was liable to go right back out. I suppose that's why a lot of people interrupt. I truly believe that some people don't even realize what they're doing, or if they do, they don't realize that it's rude. We're living in such a fast-paced society (and some of us are in New Jersey--that's fast-paced X 100) and we all seem to need to talk at once. I find myself doing it more often then I'd like. I try to catch myself and apologize and let the person finish.

I use a two-way radio at work, and it's impossible to understand the conversation if you try to talk over the other person. The way a two-way radio is designed is that when one person talks, the other person must listen. If we both push the talk button at the same time, we will only hear ourselves. I can't hear the other person unless I release the talk button. There is literally no way to interrupt the other person.

The funny thing that I find myself doing is saying something like, "Oh yeah...", or, "okay," while the other person is explaining something to me. He can't hear me! 

How often do we do that with God? We think we are "conversing" or "communing" with God, but mostly, we are holding down that "Talk" button and not listening to what He has to say. When we are confused, maybe it's because we've been trying to talk over God...holding down that "Talk" button at the same time He's holding down His "Talk" button. We only hear ourselves.

Or maybe we sit for 30 seconds and don't hear anything, so we try again. "Mary to God. Come in God. Do you copy?" 

Worse, maybe He's talking to us, and we're not really listening to Him, so we interrupt to add something. Interrupting a person is rude. Interrupting God is disrespectful. When we interrupt a person, we're really saying, "What I have to say is more important than what you are currently saying." Imagine if God was standing in front of you and He was talking to you. Would you still interrupt Him? Hmmm...
All through scripture, it seems like when Jesus spoke people listened. We're not told if anyone interrupted Him, but my guess is that they were so captivated by what He had to say, they didn't dare interrupt the flow. 

I personally want to learn to listen more and talk less. I want to hear the voice of God and not ask questions. I want to obey and not make excuses. When I hear that beep on my two-way radio that signals that He wants to speak, may I listen and not interrupt. May I not be holding down my "Talk" button and miss what He has to say. And when He's done, may I say, "Copy that!"

Blessings Along the Path,

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