Thursday, May 1, 2014


Soon! That's what the sign read at the produce farm the other day. I drive by every day on my way home from work, and in the warmer weather, I often stop to buy fresh produce. I've been watching, but there never seems to be anyone home. It remains closed up from the winter. But yesterday, the sign! Soon! That one word was all I needed. It got me excited. Warm weather is indeed on its way. Fresh fruit and vegetables will soon make their way to the farm stand. 

Sometimes, all it takes is that one word...soon. Remember when you were a kid, and the ride to that fun place seemed to take forever? "Are we there yet?" we whined from the "way-back" of the station wagon. Our parents' answer? "Soon!" Soon seemed so vague..that's why we kept asking! When is soon?

When will we see warmer weather? Soon! When will I hear back from that job interview? Soon! When will I ever get a break? Soon! When will this heartache end? Soon!

Soon---in or after a short time. In a little while you will see me no more, and then after a little while you will see me (John 16:16). I suppose you could re-phrase this by saying, "Soon you won't see me anymore, but then soon after that you will see me again." Those poor disciples were so confused. It is a bit confusing, admittedly. They asked each other, What does he mean by "in a little while"?(v18). 

We can understand this because we've read the end of the book. We know what is to come; we know the story of His brutal death and beautiful resurrection. But they didn't. Jesus went on to tell his disciples that they would grieve for a time, but their mourning would turn to joy (v20). And that (I love this) no one will take away your joy (v22). Jesus is speaking of the joy they will experience when they see Him again.

We too need to remember that whatever we face here on earth, whatever heartache, pain, disappointment and grief we experience, whatever mourning we endure, we will see Him again. In a little while. Soon. And on that day, we will experience a joy so great that no one can take it from us. Whether we see Him when our time here on earth is done, or on that day that He returns for us, we will rejoice! Soon. 

So why wait to rejoice? It's soon. In a little while. I know that's vague, but while we wait, we may as well rejoice. Because even though we don't see Him here on earth, we know He's with us. Let's enjoy the time we have here, waiting for His return. For His return is soon. And soon we will see our King.

Blessings Along the Path,

Song of the Day
Soon (Brooke Fraser)

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