Monday, June 30, 2014

Good, Clean Fun

Today marks my 200th blog! Who knew I had so much to say? Well, I did actually...and anyone who knows me knows that my mouth is a never ending river of words. So, to celebrate my landmark, I have  a joke. That's all. Don't you just love a good, clean joke? Isn't it great to laugh? I don't have any nuggets of wisdom today. No encouraging verses. No funny stories. Just a joke. I hope it makes you laugh. And through your laughter, may you be encouraged today that life doesn't need to be so serious. God gave us humor and laughter. Let's use it! 

A Baptist minister and his wife went to an animal shelter to find a dog. But it was important that the dog be a Baptist. The shelter Director assured them that she had the perfect dog. To prove it, she told the dog to fetch the bible. The dog ran over to the Director's bookshelf, looked over the books, pulled the bible right out of the bookshelf and brought it to the Director! Then the Director said, "Find Psalm 23." The dog, making wonderful use of his paws, flipped through the bible until he came to Psalm 23. He looked up proudly.

"We'll take him!" The minister and his wife were so excited to have a wonderfully trained Baptist dog. 

Later that evening, they had some friends over and they wanted to show off their dog. So, they repeated what they'd seen in the animal shelter, and the dog very obediently fetched the bible, and found many more scripture verses!

"Can your dog do any regular tricks?" asked one of the guests.

"Gee," said the minster, "I don't know. We never asked about that. But he's so smart, I'm sure he can." 

So he said to the dog, "Heel!" 

With that, the dog jumped into the minister's lap, put his paw on the minster's head and began to howl!

To which the minster responded, "Good God, we've got a Pentecostal dog!"

Blessings Along the Path,

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