Friday, June 27, 2014

That Darned Blinking Cursor!

For some reason, it's easy for me to write a blog. Perhaps it's because it's sort of like a stream-of-consciousness type of writing. There doesn't need to be any specific form. I just write what's in my head and somehow it takes shape. And it typically even has some sort of lesson attached. Also, it's short. There are no requirements. I can make it 5 sentences, 5 paragraphs, or 5 pages (Chances are, however, that the 5 sentences will be incoherent, and the 5 pages will be too long for anyone to desire to read). 

It's a different story when I write...other things that I'm working on. The most dreaded thing to me, as a writer, is not so much a blank screen, but that darned blinking cursor. It's because I have to continue where I left off. Oh, I was on a roll that day. I wrote 3 whole chapters. It was good! But then I took a break and lost my momentum. Oh, I'll never be able to write as good as I did the other day.

I stare at it, and it silently screams at me---type something! Anything! Here! Here! I'm over here! No, don't go back; keep going!

It both beckons me and mocks me. You can do it! Who are you have nothing! When I'm on a roll, it doesn't flash; it keeps me on track, and truthfully, most of the time, I don't even notice it. But when I'm stuck, I want to curse it! Maybe that's why it's called a "cursor."

We all have a figurative cursor as we go through life. It's in our heads. We wake up and that blasted cursor is flashing. The demands of the day come crashing into our heads without warning. Sometimes it mocks and belittles us reminding us of how we messed up the day before. Other times, we hear that silent screaming in our heads-Get up! Get up! Get up! Now! Over here, over here! No don't go back to bed, get up, keep going! Yes, sometimes our thoughts are just not formed enough when we awaken, and all we can do is focus on getting out of bed! Personally, that's one of the most difficult things I face on a daily basis! (And that is the time I get up-excuse me...wake up...5:48)

At the same time, the cursor beckons us to quiet our minds, our soul, our spirit before we continue with our day. Our minds are like the blank computer screen. Every morning we are blessed to have another blank page. Our story can continue, or our story can be rewritten. What will we write? Will we look at that blank screen, that cursor, as a blessing or a curse?

What will you write on your blank screen today? Where will you place your cursor? Will you try to go back and edit what you've already written (or said---which seems to be password protected---Undo button doesn't work either) or will you continue on and just write, watching where the story will go? You may be pleasantly surprised, as I usually am when I write, to see the shape that your story takes.

Blessings Along the Path

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