Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Hidden Gem-Buttermilk Falls

A friend told me about this beautiful gem right around the corner from me in Mendham, NJ called Buttermilk Falls. I wanted somewhere that Lucy could swim, and by golly, we found it! An easy hike, a somewhat secluded pool with a small waterfall. I had no idea what to expect, but here are some pictures I took along the way.

Here's the Seeing Eye "reject" heading down the wrong path...she wasn't rejected for her lack of sense of direction (it was for excitability). Funny though, she was only following her instincts. There was a great little pond down that path. Thank you, Lucy!

Lucy is not a great retriever. Oh, sure...she gets the ball, but she doesn't always bring it back. She is beginning to figure out that if she doesn't bring it back, it won't get thrown again. I can't go in the water to get it.  Thank you, Lucy!

The "shoreline" was quite muddy. I looked around for a stick to try to "grab" the ball out of the water. I found this...a stick with a hook on the end!

A little farther down the path, I came across this creepy dwelling. I stopped long enough to take the picture, then continued before some mountain man with a beard down to his knees came running after me, yelling at me to "get off my property!" What can I say...I'm a writer...I have an active imagination.

We continued on our way, Lucy off-leash since there was no one around. Suddenly she perked up and started running. Oh no, I thought, I hope it's not a bear or some other wild animal. No, it was a new friend! 
Lucy and Stitch looking at the ball in the water. Neither one was smart enough to figure out how to get it. Jen, Stitch's mom had to retrieve it for us!

After Lucy and Stitch played for awhile, we continued to the falls. I admit, I had to laugh when I saw how big the "falls" were. But it sure was beautiful! A hidden gem. A pool for Lucy to swim in! I found a nice rock to sit on to watch Lucy play, but she decided to come join me after she took a nice, cool dip. She stood right behind me...and shook! Thank you, Lucy! So I threw the ball in to get her away from me. She actually brought it back. And stood right over my legs, soaking my jeans. Thank you, Lucy!
Since this was not a loop, and I get bored with returning on the same trail I already went down, I decided to take the white trail back. Except that I never saw a white trail on my way down. The white trail ended up running sort of parallel to the blue trail, the one I took down to the falls, but on the other side of the water. After awhile, I started to wonder if I was truly on the right path. According to my gps, I was, indeed walking parallel, but not as close as I thought. 

Then I heard cars. Oh good, I thought! I'm back. I came out on a road, but it wasn't where my car was parked. And I looked across the street and there was a sign that said I was in Randolph. Really? How did that happen? I figured I just needed to walk up the street and my car would be there, but which way? I was a little disoriented. So I asked some guy mowing a lawn which way was Mendham. He told me, but I have to wonder if he thought I was an Alzheimer's patient gone astray.

All in all, it was a great day. Great hike, but if you go, don't venture off onto unknown paths. The maps don't list a white trail at all. Stick to the trail on the map and you'll be fine. I highly recommend this place, as it's an easy hike, and it's really not that far to the falls. Great place to cool off and rest!
 (trying to get the hang of this "selfie" thing)

Blessings Along the Path,

Maps say that the trails are of "moderate" difficulty...if you're not a hiker at all, then maybe they are. I would call them easy.

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