Thursday, July 10, 2014

Let Your Dream Out of the Box!

This sign is directly above the window in my office. I put it there when we moved in, to remind me that my dreams are always within reach. There were two problems. The first was easily remedied. The second, I'm still working on.

The first problem is that when I placed the furniture in the room, I put my desk against the long wall adjacent to the window. I had no chair, so I used a hard kitchen chair. I had a shelf on top of the desk, which held various sundries, things that I didn't really need, but I thought I did. It took up valuable real estate space on my desk. And the sign? It was over my shoulder. I couldn't see it. I was highly uninspired in that room I called my office.

Not too long ago, I stopped and looked into my husband's office. His desk is up against the window. Maybe I should try that, I thought. So I did. I got rid of the shelf and all of the unnecessary items. I moved the desk in front of a double window and got myself a nice chair. 

I even drew an invisible line down the middle of the desk. The right side is the creative "artsy" side and the left side is the boring, but necessary financial side (I wonder if it matches the correct sides of the brain...). Not only do I have more room, but now the sign is directly above me. I need only look up (literally and figuratively) to be inspired and reminded of my dreams. And I get to look out the window instead of at a beige wall!

The second problem that I'm still working on? The "going confidently" part. We all have dreams we desire to pursue. Pursuing them is the key. If we don't pursue our dreams, they remain just that...dreams. The reason most of us don't pursue? Confidence, or lack thereof, and fear...which basically comes from the lack of confidence. We're not qualified. Or good enough. Or smart enough. Or attractive enough. Or whatever enough.

We're afraid we'll fail or be rejected, or mocked and our dream will be lost. And then what would we have to live for? To look forward to? For some of us, it's easier to dream and pretend than to dream and pursue. Facing reality means taking a risk...and accepting the possibility of failing...or succeeding more than we thought possible! If we just pretend the dream, we can keep it in our neat little dream box where we can fantasize about it and make it fit into what we want it to look like. Everyone loves us and we are sought after in that pretend dream...the dream box.

The reality is that once we pursue our dream, it often takes on a different shape than the pretend one we kept in the box. Sometimes it changes, or goes in a different direction; it takes on a life of its own, and we have to follow it! (Hence the saying, Follow your dream...)

As we pursue the dream, we realize that it's hard work. We are not quite sought after, at least not at first. Maybe never. Not everyone will love us or even like us. Some may be jealous of our dream, because we stepped out and they're still afraid to. Some may scoff at our dream, because it's different from theirs. Or the same, and they're still holding on to their pretend dream box. Others may tell us we "can't" do that because they already tried it and it didn't work for them.

Going in the direction of your dream means to follow, not so much the dream, but your
heart, your desire. What makes your heart sing? Follow that, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Don't let anyone squash your dream. Don't let anyone project their stuff onto your dream.Go intentionally, confidently where the dream leads you. Be open to the dream constantly changing. Because once you realize your dream, you'll need to get a new one! It's not in the arrival, but in the journey-that's where the excitement comes from.

I talk a good talk, but I'm right there with you. I'm still working on it...but I'm pursuing it anyway, regardless of the outcome. I get distracted...a lot...but I think the distraction is often an excuse to not "go confidently."

Let's not carry our dream box around. Let's let our dream out of the box to soar to heights unimaginable! Don't be afraid of your dream! Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Maybe our paths will cross along the way!

Blessings Along the Path of Dreams,

Song of the Day--not great audio quality, but great message nonetheless
Follow Your Dreams (Sheryn Regis)

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