Friday, July 11, 2014

Road Closures

One of the main roads I take to work has been closed for about 2 weeks. Apparently, it will be closed for another 2 months. I don't live in a city, where a detour goes around the block. Around the block out here in the suburbs/country takes at least ten minutes and is about 3-5 miles. So a detour, a road closure is a real nuisance.

There were signs alerting drivers of the impending road closures well ahead of time, so I'd planned my alternate route. The first day, all was fine. It was a little out of the way, but I found a decent route. The next day, there was a sign in front of my alternate road, along with a police officer. The sign said, "Road Closed." Huh? I knew this road couldn't be closed too. Why? Turned out that the alternate road was closed because it's sort of a one lane road and it winds and twists. I guess the local police deemed it unsafe as a heavily traveled alternate route, so they just "closed" it to through traffic.
The other day, I decided to see if I could go around that detour on my way home from work. If you look closely at the picture above, you'll see a small opening on the side of the road. The road said it was closed to "thru traffic". That's not the same as actually closing the road. I could pretend I was local traffic. Who would know? I simply drove around the road blocks and went on my way. I felt quite smug. 

Well, there was yet another road block closer to the twisty, turny part, which actually blocked the road completely. I suppose the local police felt it was necessary to do this to deter smug, stubborn idiots like myself who thought that the rules didn't pertain to them. I not only had to turn around, but I had to backtrack practically to where I started out (my place of employment). I was not happy and chose to sprinkle the air around me with profanity, which was also stupid (and not very nice, I might add), because I had no one but myself to blame. 

Look again at the signs. Notice that there is not one, but three signs? I suppose the local police also realize that smug, stubborn, self-righteous idiots like myself may have trouble reading as well. Maybe I didn't like it, but maybe the police did that on purpose (ya think?). Maybe it was more for our protection than our inconvenience.

Why do we think that certain rules don't pertain to us? Come on, I know you do it too. None of us follows all the rules all the time. Oh, I'm sorry, my husband does. He's an exception. Okay, maybe some of you do. But there are probably more of us smug, stubborn, self-righteous, indignant idiots out there. 

How often do we ignore the signs? God often puts roadblocks in our path for our protection. But we get frustrated and see it as inconvenient or unnecessary. We know the roads, and we know what's best for us.That doesn't pertain to me. We tell ourselves that we're "local traffic" and everyone else is "thru traffic." 

But God knows us and understands us more than we know. He knows that we may not pay attention to the first three signs; that we'll find a way around the road closure anyway, so he has to put up another road block to literally block any access. We get angry. We cuss. We not only have to turn around, but sometimes we have to start over. We don't always realize that it's for our protection, not our inconvenience. Sometimes we have to just take the longer way. And we don't like it. Sometimes it takes a road closure for us to realize our smug, stubborn, self-righteous, indignant ways. 

Pay attention to the road signs. Trust me, it's not worth trying to find a way around it, because the local police have already figured out your ways before you even think of it. 

Blessings Along Your Detoured Paths,

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