Friday, August 15, 2014

Hidden Signs

Have you ever noticed that most signs (at least the ones that grab our attention) tell us what not to do? No this and no that. No trespassing. No swimming. No fishing. No dumping. No stopping or standing. No smoking.  No entry.You never see a sign that says, After you enjoy your cigarette, feel free to roam about, dump, swim and fish on my private property.

If you've a regular reader of my posts, you may know that I have a fascination with signs. I love to look at signs with a spiritual "eye." 

You also may know that Chinook, my son's dog, comes to work several times a week. We've gotten into a routine with his walks; he waits by the door if I forget. 

The other day while we were on a "business" trip, we walked over to the area where he generally does his business and I noticed a sign. Funny, I thought, I don't know if I've ever seen this sign before. Weeds have grown so high that it's hard to see. I'm sure when the sign was first posted, the weeds weren't as high as they are now (I'm sure you can see the "NO" quite clearly, but the rest of the sign says fishing, trespassing, dumping and swimming).

A little farther down the road, I happened to notice another sign that I'd never noticed before because of it being hidden. This one announced the speed limit being 15 mph. That one may as well stay hidden. No one drives that slow. Again, I'm sure it was posted in a clear spot when it first went up, but weeds and branches have overtaken it (notice the NO sign again). 

Later, when I was going home, I noticed that a sign by the railroad tracks was hidden from view. This one is more important than the others in my opinion. It says, No stopping on tracks. Well, most of us have enough common sense not to do that, but for those of us who don't, the sign might save your life. But it's hidden.

It made me think about how we have signs in our own lives that we keep hidden. Signs that perhaps have been there for a long time and are now being ignored. Signs that, when they first went up, we..and everyone else in our lives...paid attention to, but the weeds of our lives have overtaken the signs and we no longer care. Or maybe we do care, but those around us don't respect us enough to heed our signs. 

What kind of signs do you keep hidden? No Trespassing might be a good one to uncover, so that people know not to violate your boundaries.  How about the simple one everyone knows? STOP! How often do you let people walk all over you without speaking up? I did that for years. And then I'd be angry at the other person for taking advantage of me when I was the one who didn't say anything!

Trim back the branches that are hiding those signs! Pruning revitalizes life. Revitalize your signs. But don't forget the one that says, Welcome!

Some further thoughts: 

  • Let's not become apathetic or give up by displaying Dead End.
  • Let's not become complacent with No Parking.
  • Conversely, No Parking may be useful to display for others who stay too long on a topic, guests who overstay their welcome or children who watch too much tv.
  • During an argument, try to see things from the other person's point of view. It might be advisable not to to display One Way during that time, but instead pull out the Yield sign.
  • On a bad day, it might be advisable to display Caution! Proceed at your own risk!
Finally...personal signs someone might want to draw my attention to:
  • Detour---I talk so much, I often stray off topic.
  • High Voltage---to warn people of my high energy...this is why I do not consume caffeine.
  • Slow! Speed bumps ahead---I wish I could heed this before ingesting treats.
  • Wet Paint---just to see how many people would actually test it to see if it's really wet.
And finally, the one I'd like to put up at work:
Blessings Along the Path,

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