Saturday, August 23, 2014

Things of the Night

It was twilight. Or dusk. Or something similarly darkening. I was taking a twilight...or dusk...or whatever walk at Natirar.  I passed by this area that I've passed a million times before, but for some reason, this night it beckoned me. I saw the sign I'd seen also a million times before---"No Public Access." So, what did I do? I drew closer. Why? Not because I was curious. Because I wanted to take a picture.
Look at this place---it's creepy. It's scary (okay, well, it was much more creepy and scary at the the twilight/dusk/whatever). Sign or no sign, there was no way I would venture into there, and certainly not at this hour...the hour of darkness. My heart was pounding just getting close to the gate! What you can't really see is that the "end" of that road is not really the curves sharply to the left, which added to the creepy factor...what was around the bend?

I could only imagine what lurked among the shadows and around the bend in the gloaming---boogeymen, murderers and rapists crouched in anticipation of stealing my peace, my life and my virginity...okay, the last one's a stretch. Actually, they're all pretty unlikely. I just have a very vivid imagination. It's more likely that I'd encounter a bear, a coyote or a skunk---creatures that I don't mind sharing the woods with during the day when I can see them (but prefer not to), but at night, when they can see me but I can't see them...not so much!

Night time is scary isn't it? Who knows what dangers lurk in the night? God does. But it's still scary venturing out into the unknown, isn't it? 

I had this thought while I was walking away: What if I could go into the woods without any danger? What if there were no maniacal men or any animals of any kind (including insects and spiders)? Would I go? I think I probably would. I think I'd venture out with a flashlight into the woods if I knew with absolute certainty that no harm would come to me, that I would face no dangers; if I knew I'd be completely and utterly safe from any unwanted encounters with scary beings, sure I'd go!

What about you? Would you venture out into the unknown if you knew you'd be safe? Would you take that leap of faith, try out that newly discovered talent, share your gifts or do your dream? If you knew that no one would mock, insult, laugh at, diminish, discourage, devalue, belittle or otherwise judge you, your dream, your talent, your gift...would you do it? If you knew with absolute certainty that no harm, no danger, no otherwise unwanted encounters would come to you, that you'd be completely safe...sure you would.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Murderers, rapists and boogeymen are drawn to the night. Fear comes out when the sun goes down. Nocturnal animals roam around at night because that's just what they do. Not everyone will share our dream, believe in us, and encourage us to pursue that scary new thing we want to try. Some will try to steal it from us out of jealousy and envy, some will try to kill it out of anger, and some will try to just generally scare us out of fear. We have to do it anyway.

Sometimes we need to stay out of the woods, the scary unknown, at night because that's what's best for us. But it's important to know the difference between real and imagined fear. After all, the boogeyman isn't real. He can't really harm us. 

Let the things of the night stay in the night. But the things that happen because of the darkness--I pray that they will be exposed by the Light and allow you to continue on your journey unhindered and unafraid.

Blessings Along the Spooky Path,

But everything that is exposed by the light becomes visible-and everything that is illuminated becomes a light (Eph 5:13)

Your word is a lamp for my feet; a light on my path (Ps 119:105)

I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life (John 8:12)

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