Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hey, Mary's Full of Grace!

There is a picture hanging in my living room called The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano.
I have no idea why it's called that, because what I always focus on is the graceful woman in the red dress (not the butler). So not me. I'm not graceful. Not at all. My sister and I once took a jazz dance class and ended up laughing at each other through the whole thing. When I audition for musicals, I never worry about the dance portion, because I disclose on the form that I can't dance. I can move. I don't move well, but I can move, and with a lot of time and work spent with a choreographer, I can get by. But I can't dance.

I am choreographically challenged. Graceful I am not.

The other day I read a post by Barbie Swihart (My Freshly Brewed Life) which highlighted a beautiful song that I hadn't heard by an artist I really like. It's called We Dance  (Steffany Frizzel Gretzinger & Bethel Music). Barbie mentioned that it's highly anointed, and boy, she wasn't kidding. 

I love this song because when I first listened to it, I saw myself just spinning around and around (and not getting dizzy, which usually happens if I go in a circle at all...I can't even go on a merry-go-round). Spinning. Laughing. Full of joy. Not a care in the world except being right where I am, with Jesus. 

Then I listened to it again (I just had to download it immediately after I heard it!). I thought of how the celebrities (or at least most of them) on Dancing With the Stars go from clutzy and clunky to looking like they've been dancing for years. One of the most memorable performances to me was Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough in Season 16. During the interview after the dance, Kellie said, "This performance tonight was about trust and letting those walls down." Trust. Yes. It's all about trusting your dance partner.

One of my most favorite dances (to watch) is the Viennese Waltz. I love to watch the couples spin and twirl around the dance floor, as if gliding on air. describes it this way: 

Dancers exhibit graceful fluency, stamina and timing as they rotate charmingly around the dance floor.

There is nothing graceful, fluent or charming about my dancing. 


That is exactly what I see when I hear this song.

Consider these words:

You steady me, slow and sweet
We sway...
Take the lead and I will follow.
Finally ready now to close my eyes and just believe
That You won't lead me where You don't go
When my faith gets tired and my hope seems lost
You spin me 'round and 'round and remind me of that song-
the one you wrote for me
And we dance...

...And I will lock eyes with the One who ransomed me
The One Who gave me joy for mourning
And I will lock eyes with the One Who has chosen me
The One Who set my feet to dancing...we dance
Photo Credit

It's nice to know I'm not alone...I found my home here in Your arms.
(From We Dance by Steffany Frizzel Gretzinger)

Oh what joy it is to know that when my Savior takes me in His arms, He steadies me. He calms my fears. He takes away all long as I let Him lead. Not only am I a terrible dancer, but I have a tendency to lead. Wrong. If I continue to lead, what's the point of the Dance?

What I find most interesting about the Viennese Waltz is that if done "properly," the posture of the dancers is very tight and upright. In fact, they hold their heads away from one another and don't look at each other. That's how I tend to dance. I'm stiff and uncomfortable. I don't really much care for dancing (with a partner). Maybe it's really the intimacy that I'm uncomfortable with.

But when I dance with my Savior, I'm like the woman in the red dress in my painting. I'm graceful. I'm beautiful. Then I close my eyes, and He spins me 'round and 'round, but I don't get dizzy. I only become more focused. And when I open my eyes, His gaze is piercing the depths of my soul. And I lock eyes with the One who ransomed me, the One who has chosen me, the One who thinks I'm beautiful and graceful and charming. I cannot look away.

I never want to look away.
I never want the dance to end.

Blessings on the Dancefloor,

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  1. I am so thankful that song ministered to your heart. And you've given me so much more to ponder about dancing with my Father in this post. Blessings!

    1. Barbie, I love how music ministers to so many different people in so many different ways. Music is such a gift from God!

  2. Being led by the Father - there's no better place to be!
    Thank you Mare!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Nina. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Beautiful! I love that we too will be a graceful dancer when we let down those walls and trust! Jesus is constantly teaching us the dance of our lives and the more we say "yes" to Him, the better dancer we will become. Sunday blessings! Visiting you from The Weekend Brew

    1. Thanks! That's very true. (I visited your site, but couldn't find your name!)

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  5. Absolutely Beautiful...I love to dance...and the thought of Jesus being my partner is something I don't think often on...but your post made me want to dance more with Him.

  6. I love to dance too. I met my husband at a line dance place. I loved the links and am visiting them too. Thanks.

    1. Mary, I used to love line dancing, but as soon as you turn, you have to follow different people, and I always get confused. Alley Cat I can do. But I love to watch people who are good at it! Thanks for following!

  7. My husband loves to watch "dancing with the stars" and other contests, yet we never dance ourselves. Loved your post

  8. Thank you Hazel. Yes, I love DWTS too, but it conflicts with the Voice, my new fave

  9. Oh, awesome! I had not heard that song before (and now I'll listen to it every day!). Well, I can't speak for your dancing, but your writing is quite graceful! Thank you for sharing this post. I got here from Word Filled Wednesdays. God bless you.

  10. I've heard before that faith is like dancing in the dark. You don't fear that you might trip or hurt yourself because you know you're dancing with the Lord and He won't let anything happen to you. Beautiful article, Mary.

  11. I'm not sure if I'm a good dancer or not. It's been so long since I've done anything other than silly dance parties with my kiddos in the living room! :)

  12. What a sweet thought that we dance in the arms of our Father! Thank you so much for linking up to Testimony Tuesday!