Friday, October 31, 2014

Overcoming Negativity: Day 29: I Will Be With You Always

Whew! I made it through the 31-Day Writing Challenge!

Yes, I realize that this is Day 29.I started a day late and skipped a day for a much needed rest. Therefore, it has turned into a 29 Day Challenge. Whatever.

And how about you? How have you done?

If you're a fellow blogger...

did you make it? Of course you did. You're reading this. You're still alive. You made it! Maybe you didn't write every day. Whatever. Don't beat yourself up. Give yourself a pat on the back for rising to the challenge and doing what you did.

If you're a faithful (or even occasional) reader and follower of my blog...

did you make it? Of course you did. You're reading this. You're still alive. You made it! Maybe you're still hearing negative excuses, thoughts, emotions and attitudes coming into your head and out of your mouth. Maybe you're not Polly Positive. Whatever. Don't beat yourself up. Give yourself a pat on the back for rising to the challenge and doing what you did. 

Be positive. Don't dwell on the negative. Commend yourself for what you did do and where you will go.

We have been studying the Whatevers...whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy...and now we're putting it into practice.

And we're told that the God of peace will be with us.

But what if I fail? What if I fall back into that negative thinking? What if things get tough and I can't get on the other side of negativity? What if I can't even get out of the pit that I'm in right now? I can't seem to stop thinking and speaking negative things. I don't have a whole lot of positive going on right now. 

God Himself, the God of peace will be with you...always.

When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you (Isaiah 43:2)

Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Don't be discouraged for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. (Isaiah 41:10)

I will be with you always to the very end of the age (Matthew 28:20)

That's a promise. And when God promises, He delivers.

Stay under His wing. Stay in the Presence of the King. Stay in His Peace.

And thank you for following along in this series. Remember, it's a process.

May God richly bless you as you travel on the path out of Negativity,

Song of the Day

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Overcoming Negativity: Day 28: Juxtapositioned in Christ

...and the God of Peace will be with you always (Phil 4:9)

"Juxtapositioning" is the act of placing two things closely together to see the contrasting effect.

Paul uses these two phrases very closely together in his letter to the Philippians. The first one, the peace of God, is used in the same chapter a little before the verse we've been studying (Phil 4:8-9):

To understand the other verse better, I'll backtrack and use it in context (emphasis is mine):

Rejoice in the Lord always! 
     I will say it again: Rejoice!
Let your gentleness be evident to all.
     The Lord is near.
Do not be anxious about anything,
     but in every situation
          by prayer and petition
               with thanksgiving,
Present your requests to God.
And the peace of God,
     which transcends all understanding
will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:4-7)

He then goes on to instruct the Philippians on how to keep their thoughts on Christ:

Whatever is true
     whatever is noble
whatever is right
     whatever is pure
whatever is lovely
     whatever is admirable
if anything is excellent and praiseworthy
     think about such things (Phil 4:8)

He further instructs them to put into practice everything they've learned, because what good is knowledge without action?

Whatever you have learned or received
      or heard from me---or seen in me
put into practice.
Then comes our "blessed assurance,"
      And the God of peace will be with you. (Phil 4:9)

Is it the same--the peace of God and the God of peace?

When we're anxious, afraid or ambivalent, we worry and complain. But when we follow the instructions above (rejoice, let it go and present it to God) something unexplainable comes over us...something that goes beyond human understanding...a peace that doesn't make sense. This feeling, this..."thing" of peace comes over us.

And you know what I really love?

That this peace, this "thing" guards our hearts AND our minds in Christ Jesus.

You may remember the post,Think Twice I wrote about thinking with our minds and with our hearts...

God protects both our hearts from being wounded and our minds from being thrown down that slippery slope of negative thinking.

This is a great blessing: to know that we have access to that "thing" of peace.

However, when we follow the instructions to think, or meditate on those things that keep us focused on things above, and put into practice what we've learned, we are assured that the God of peace will be with us.

This "Thing" of peace is not with us...the "Person" of peace is. 

Anxiety, fear, situations that we feel stuck in...

these are "things of the heart." 

These verses suggest being still, waiting, listening, receiving. When we surrender these "things of the heart," we receive that "thing of peace" as a balm for our heart as well as for our mind---the mind that is influenced by our heart, our feelings. It's a way to become still and trust (Be still and know that I am God-Psalm 46:10).

The "whatevers"...those things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy...those are proven things of God, of heaven...characteristics of Christ. They are the things we must actively and purposefully think about with our heads. 

They are "matters of the mind."

And as such, God, this "Person of Peace" equips us to actively go. To go and think. To go and practice. To go and do.

The peace of God stills us to hear.
The God of peace equips us to go.

One is a promise.
The other is The Promise.

Either way, you can't go wrong.

Blessings Along the Path,

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Overcoming Negativity: Day 27: Put It Into Practice

Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me---put it into practice. Phil 4:9

What have you learned from me? What have you received from me?

Well, since I can't hear your response, I'll at least assume that you've learned something.

Let's review what we've (hopefully) learned: 
*Some of these did not get into the "31 Day Challenge" but will most likely be explored further, perhaps in the form of a book. Unfortunately, I just didn't have time to develop every topic.
**Some of the topics in the outline below are duplicate posts; because I wrote these posts by the seat of my pants, I didn't have time to edit...

Traits of a Negative Person 

Negative Thinking Comes From Many Sources
    1. Excuses: Negative Reasoning
      1. It's Too Hard
      2. I Can't 
      3. I Don't Have Enough_____.
      4. I Don't Know How
      5. Why Bother?
      6. I'm Too Tired
      7. I Don't Feel Like It
    2. Emotions: Negative Self-Talk
      1. Guilt
      2. Fear
      3. Ridicule and Shame
      4. Doubt
      5. Self-Loathing/Self Pity
      6. Rejection and Insecurity*
      7. Self-Fulfilling Prophecies/Condemnation*
    3. Attitudes: Negative Projection*
      1. Judgment and Criticism*
      2. Whining and Complaining*
      3. Entitlement and Pride*
      4. Unrealistic Expectations/Double Standards*
      5. Jealousy and Envy*
      6. Grumbling and Faultfinding*
      7. Doom and Gloom*
In Order to Stop Negative Thinking We Must
    1. Take responsibility for our actions and words**
    2. Recognize negativity**
    3. Stop the pattern**
    4. Learn to see ourselves as God sees us
    5. Lasso our thoughts
    6. Retrain our brain
    7. Get out!**
To Stay Out of Negativity, We Learn to Think on Things That Are: (based on Philippians 4:8-9)
    1. True
    2. Noble
    3. Right
    4. Pure
    5. Lovely
    6. Admirable
    7. Excellent and Praiseworthy
Hopefully, you've seen some of this in me (if you know me outside of the Blogosphere). This isn't anything I've come up with that hasn't been taught before. And I need it as much as you do.

So, how do we "put it into practice?

Well, how do you put anything into practice? 

You just do it.

You don't become a concert pianist without intense practice.
You don't become an Olympic athlete without diligent practice.
You don't become a surgeon by contemplating the instruments.
And you don't stop being negative by just reading about it.

You take the steps to change.
Even if it's hard.
Even if it feels "wrong."
Even if you face opposition...and you will, because satan does not like any of God's children to rise up out of oppression, overcome obstacles or break through the chains of any other negative influences. Because when we do, people will notice the change and ask us what we did to get there. And God will be glorified.

And satan can't have that! 

So he will try his darnedest to keep you oppressed, behind the obstacle and otherwise negatively influenced.

Don't give in!

Keep going!

Put everything you've learned into practice. 

Know scripture. Write it down. Use it when those thoughts come. Replace the negative thoughts with scripture--what God says about you, about others and about situations. That will defeat the enemy and give you strength to fight the battle.

Use your concordance to find scriptures. If your bible doesn't have a concordance, try biblegateway or biblehub to look up scriptures or keywords. 

Learn. Practice. Defeat.

Blessings Along the Path,

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Overcoming Negativity: Day 26: If Anything is Excellent or Praiseworthy

Today's Challenge: 
Think about excellent things

Atrocious. Lousy. Awful. Pathetic. Rotten. Wretched. Terrible. Vile.

Do you want to think on these things?

Of course you don't. Not on purpose. But we often do. They are antonyms of the word excellent; we might say that they are the opposite thoughts of those thoughts that are excellent

What are excellent thoughts?

Thoughts that are very good, extremely good (of its kind), superior.

Of its kind.

It's sort of like my trying to run a marathon and not succeeding because it's not something I typically do. It's not "of my kind."

If I hiked a marathon instead, I could train to be excellent--very good "of my kind."

Many bible versions use the word virtue instead of excellent...if anything is of virtue.

The Greek meaning of this word, virtue is...get this...manliness! HUH?

Yes, manliness. Okay, I'm not a scholar, theologian, or minister. Remember? I keep telling you that. 

But guess what?

According to Merriam-Webster, one of the definitions of virtue is...manly strength or courage, valor!

Stay with me...
This word actually comes from another word, airo (Greek)

Airo is a primary verb meaning to lift, to take up or away, to expiate (atone for) sin, away with, bear (up) carry, lift up, loose, make to doubt, put away, remove, take (away, up).

So, this ordinary woman is led to believe, through these definitions, that the word virtue indicates Someone of manly character who will take away my sin.

One who carried His cross
One who was lifted up on that cross
One who expiated (atoned for) my sin
One who put away my debt
One who took up and away the penalty for death
the penalty that I owed.
One who removed the guilt
One who now makes me doubt 
that I am to stay in negativity 
in order to punish myself
because there was One
who was of valor
who was of virtue
who is Excellent
One who is superior "of His kind."
Because there is only One.
The One who is worthy of 
my thinking on these excellent things.
These excellent things
are the ones I will meditate on.

Excellence and praise are perhaps in the same sentence because once you begin to meditate or think on these excellent things, you can't help but begin to praise the God who made it all happen. 

According to the Strong's Concordance, something that is praiseworthy is a commendable thing; something over and above the rest; a laudation (tribute).

If we dwell on the negative, we will never find anything of excellence, anything above the rest to pay tribute to. We will always dwell in the underworld of life, finding only the most pathetic and lousy things to commend.

I know that sounds strange, but 

even in the negative, 
we are praising and paying tribute to something. 

And the more we pay tribute to the negative, the more momentum it will gain until it's the most excellent of its kind.

Who or what will you choose to praise and give tribute to today? 

Will you choose negativity?

Or Excellence?

Blessings Along the Path,

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Overcoming Negativity: Day 25: Whatever is Admirable

Whatever is...admirable...think of such things (Phil 4:8)

Today's Challenge: Support someone who is admirable

According to the Oxford dictionary (the best one on the planet) the definition for admirable is this:
arousing or deserving respect and approval

Some of you may know how much I admire Katie Meyler (read Katie's blog here), a young American woman from my town who has lived in Liberia for the past six years. 

The picture below is of Katie with her neighbors. People who contracted ebola and beat it. In her own words from her blog, Racing Heart, Katie says this:
Francis, Prince, James, Miatta & their mom (my neighbors) all had #ebola and they all survived. This has never happened before. When I asked Dede, the mom, why, she said… “Because of the Grace & Power of God. She also said the quick ride with the MTM ambulance, the IV’s at the hospital, the vitamins & the care & prayers of MTM & friends made a difference. I’m so excited they all made it past all odds. Yes!!!

Katie started the More Than Me Foundation to help get young Liberian girls off the streets and into school. 

We complain that our meals are cold when we go out to dinner, or that we have "nothing to wear" when we look in our closets. These young girls are selling their bodies so that they can buy a glass of clean water. Some are as young as nine years old. Some of you reading this blog may have a daughter that age.

If that doesn't put things into perspective, maybe this will.

Katie lives in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia; specifically, in West Point. Not the same West Point that houses the United States Military Academy. West Point, one of the most densely populated slums in Liberia. 

Population of West Point: approximately 75,000
Number of public toilets: 4 (source)

More Than Me opened a school to educate these girls and to give them hope.But then ebola hit, the government quarantined the area and the schools were shut down. 

Undeterred, Katie partnered with the World Health Organization and Liberia's Ministry of Health, and transformed the More Than Me Academy into an observation/safe house for the orphans of ebola. Someone donated an ambulance. She opened her doors, her arms and her heart to those who would typically be shunned.
Francis, Prince, James, Miatta & their mom (my neighbors) all had #ebola and they all survived. This has never happened before. When I asked Dede, the mom, why, she said… “Because of the Grace & Power of God. She also said the quick ride with the MTM ambulance, the IV’s at the hospital, the vitamins & the care & prayers of MTM & friends made a difference. I’m so excited they all made it past all odds. Yes!!!
Katie Meyler and her ebola free neighbors
Taking it a step further, Katie is now looking at building an orphanage to house the children who have lost their families to ebola. She genuinely cares.

I knew this seemingly fearless young woman when she was a little girl. She was always smiling, always laughing, and always fighting for the underdog. She logged in more community service hours than probably anyone in the whole high school. I've always admired her spunk and her desire to be unique. But I never thought she would be so heroic. 

In my mind, Katie Meyler is a modern-day Mother Teresa. She's not afraid. She's informed, she's smart, she's compassionate; she is everything Jesus tells us to be. But the best part of it all? She's authentic. It's in her nature. She's not doing all of this for attention or accolades. She's doing it because these are her people and she loves them. Because it's right. And it's what they need.

What she is doing is admirable. I admire her.
And this is what I choose to focus on. Not how frightened I should be that I might contract ebola.

Paul tells us (in his letter to the Philippians) to think on these things...what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable. When we set our minds on these things, we can't help but eliminate the negative thinking in our lives.

If you would like to know more, or help defray the costs of fighting ebola in Liberia, visit Katie's blog, Racing Heart or the More Than Me website. 

Also, check out these interviews with Katie:
NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams and Anne Thompson
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley

Blessings Along the Path,

Song of the Day: For the children around who are without a home; say a prayer tonight
Cry Out to Jesus (Third Day)

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Overcoming Negativity: Day 24: Whatever is Lovely


Today's Challenge: 
Don't allow the poison of the world into your thoughts. Think about lovely things.

Lovely is a word my mother uses. It's sort of old-fashioned. 

I had a lovely time.
Oh, don't you look lovely.
What a lovely young man/woman.

Merriam Webster defines lovely as

  1. attractive or beautiful especially in a graceful way
  2. very good or likable
  3. very pleasing
  4. delightful for beauty, harmony or grace
  5. grand, swell
  6. eliciting love by moral or ideal worth
Google (which apparently has its own dictionary now too) defines it as 
exquisitely beautiful

It's actually a lovely word.

Just think of the synonyms: attractive, beautiful, graceful, very good, likable, very pleasing, delightful, grand, swell

and my favorite---the very last one---

eliciting love by moral or ideal worth

We are to think on things that are things that elicit love by their moral or ideal worth. Things that are worthy of our thoughts, if you will.

Lovely things.

Things of exquisite beauty. Harmony. Grace
Things that are likable and pleasing.
Things that bring us delight.
Things that stir our hearts. 
Things that capture our souls in the moment.

We are to devote our thoughts to those things which cause us to love. Things that are worthy of that love.

We are to set our minds on the lovely things above.
The loveliness of creation
The loveliness of Jesus.

When we think on things that are lovely, I believe that God is pleased. It brings Him delight. After all, He was the first one to ever say something was "very good" when He created man. 

Perhaps He stood back and said, "Well, isn't that lovely!"

And I used to roll my eyes whenever my mother used that word. I will now consider it a great compliment to be called lovely.

Blessings Along the Path,

Song of the Day
Here I Am to Worship (Michael W. Smith)

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Overcoming Negativity: Day 23: Whatever is Pure

Today's Challenge: 
Make the words of your mouth and 
the thoughts in your heart be pleasing to God.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God (Matt 5:8)

That's what I want. I want to see God. I want to be pure in heart.

Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? Who may stand in his holy place?
    He who has clean hands and a pure heart
        who does not lift his soul up to an idol
         or swear by what is false (Ps 24:3-4).

I want to ascend the hill of the Lord. 
I want to stand in his holy place.
I want to have clean hands 
and a pure heart.

But too often, I am not willing to give up my idols.
Too often, I compromise.
And swear.
And lie.
And gossip
And slander.

The words of the Lord are pure like silver refined in a furnace of clay purified seven times (Ps 12:6).

Another version says they are flawless.

I want the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart to be pleasing to the Lord (Ps 19:14)

The Hebrew word for pure comes from a root word meaning to be bright or uncontaminated.

I want that. 
I want to be uncontaminated by the influences and lusts of this world. 
By my negative thinking. 

I want my words to emulate those that come from the mouth of God.


I found this very cool video on Youtube. While they're not using a clay furnace, but a modern torch, it's still a great spiritual lesson. He says, "You have to be vigilant" (in melting the metal down). During a classroom lecture, he says that in biblical times, when they melted metal down, the way you knew it was pure silver was that you could see your own reflection in the metal--meaning that when you could see your own reflection, you'd be reflecting the character of God. Purity.

So when we begin sliding down the slippery slope of negative thinking, we can quickly turn it around by filling our minds with thoughts that are pure, uncontaminated, flawless; thoughts that would please God; thoughts that God Himself would think and say about us, about others, about our situations. 

It's not always easy.
Sometimes we need to sit in the refiner's fire at very hot temperatures for a long time.
Maybe seven times.
Until the dross and impurities are burned away.
Until we reflect God.
Until we can think on thoughts that are pure.

He is full of wisdom, and we can have that too.

But wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. (James 3:17)

Sounds like a good plan to follow. Lord, teach us, show us, instruct us in the way.

Blessings Along the Path,

Song of the Day
Psalm 24: Lift Up Your Heads (Sons of Korah)
Refiner's Fire (Brian Doerksen)

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Overcoming Negativity: Day 22: Whatever is Right

Today's Challenge: 
What do you measure your moral compass against?

I suppose today's post is more of an editorial than a teaching. It didn't start out that way, and I certainly didn't intend it to be so. But there it is.

I don't like to get involved with politics or controversial social issues, mostly because I'm sort of ignorant and don't debate well. I'm taking a risk today because I'm sure there are some who simply will not agree with what I say. 

Too bad. 

It's my blog and I can still exercise my freedom of speech. This is what I believe. You may or may not agree. Feel free to leave your (respectful) comments.

It's not the direction I wanted to take. I was going down another, more fun path, but when I really thought about this scripture and allowed the Holy Spirit to show me what it means, He derailed me and led me down another track.

I will simply say this:

Our country's moral decay is largely due to the fact that there is no established right and wrong---no moral compass of which to measure our standards by. 

And in Philippians 4:8, Paul tells us that whatever is...right...think about such things.

So what is right? 
And who determines it?
What is the standard to which we measure right and wrong?
What if your idea of right does not line up with mine?

Should we be tolerant of everyone's "right" and "wrong?"

I'm sorry to say that I do not have all the answers. And even if I did, I certainly wouldn't be able to address them all in less than 500 or so words.

2 Samuel 8:15 tells us that David reigned over all of Israel, doing what was just and right for all his people. Some other translations use the words good, fair, just, justice, righteousness. My favorite is the Good News Translation which says that David always made sure his people were treated fairly and justly.

Justly is defined as morally right or fair(source)

Which brings us back to the beginning, really. It's all a matter of what each person thinks is morally right, fair, just. That's the whole problem!

And here's exactly why we're where we are:


 adjective \ˈmr-əl, ˈmär-\
: concerning or relating to what is right and wrong in human behavior
: based on what you think is right and good
: considered right and good by most people : agreeing with a standard of right behavior 

That definition sums it all up. That's from Merriam-Webster. Most other sources say something similar. 

It's very sad when we base our moral standards on what is "considered right and good by most people." 

Or worse, simply what I think. What I think? But I don't know what I think. I have to learn it from somewhere or someone. It's all too vague, too wide, too...acceptable, tolerant.

No, I choose to live by God's moral code, the one set forth by a Judge greater than any earthly judge, a King more powerful than any earthly king and a Sage wiser than any other sage who ever walked the earth. 

The Originator of the Moral Compass, the Author of our Moral Code, the Referee of what some might call the "game" of life. 

To me, it's no game. Life is a gift given to me by my Creator. I owe Him the courtesy of adhering to the morals that He set forth in His Guidebook. His "Right."

Therefore, I will love, but

I do not have to be tolerant. 
I do not have to be politically correct.
I do not have to agree with those who tell me I must.
I will not feel guilty because I disagree.
I will not be coerced into changing my moral compass.
And I refuse to be bullied by those "tolerant" people who will not tolerate what I believe.

Whatever is biblically right...I will think on these things.

Blessings Along the Path,

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Overcoming Negativity: Day 21: Whatever is Noble

Today's Challenge: Reflect Jesus 


 adjective \ˈnō-bəl\
: having, showing, or coming from personal qualities that people admire (such as honesty, generosity, courage, etc.)
: of, relating to, or belonging to the highest social class : of, relating to, or belonging to the nobility
: impressive in size or appearance

The word noble suggests something higher: higher qualities, higher social class, higher standards. 

A person of nobility does not think of themselves as lowly or average.

A person of nobility sees themselves as grand, excellent, superior, exalted.

I'm not suggesting that we think of ourselves that way.

However, Philippians 4:8 tells us that whatever is...noble...think on these things.

So it stands to reason that we ought to be thinking on things that are exalted, superior, excellent; things that have the qualities of honesty, generosity, courage, compassion, consideration, loyalty...Something or Someone who possesses those qualities we admire and attain to have.

Someone like...oh, I don't know...say, like...Jesus?

Someone who doesn't change, isn't unpredictable, won't let us down, won't get disgusted with us when we are acting far from noble, won't abandon us when we become less than those qualities we desire to achieve...when we are at our lowest of lows.

When we think of ourselves as nobility, when we exalt ourselves, or act superior---we are actually becoming the opposite of what we desire to achieve. 

That is a sure sign of pride and arrogance, and the Throne is a one-seater. The King doesn't share His Throne with any of us.

He does, however, invite us into His Kingdom. He invites us to aspire to become and believe like Jesus, and Jesus turned the world upside down with His thinking.

We are not to act like nobility, but by thinking like a noble person, we become noble in character.

A person of noble character thinks on things that bear fruit. 
Things like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Gal 5:22).

A person of noble character thinks on things that reflect the character of God
Things like grace, mercy, forgiveness, acceptance and sensitivity.

A noble person thinks more about others and less about themselves
Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility, value others above yourselves (Phil 2:3).

When we are tempted by thoughts that border on the negative, we must replace them with thoughts that reflect a person of noble character.

Not to sound cliche, but really, we ought to ask ourselves, What would Jesus do? 

Or, to take it one step further, ask Him directly instead of pondering it.
     Jesus, is this a noble thought? 
     Does this reflect your character? 
     Does this bring glory, honor and joy to our Father? 
     Does this thought exalt you?
     Does this thought serve to help me aspire to be more like you?

If the answer to any of those questions is no, it's time to think again. Lasso the thought. Then try again.

God always allows us a second chance. And a third. And a fourth...

Blessings Along the Path,


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