Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days to Overcoming Negativity

I've decided to accept a challenge:

31 Days of Writing

Writing about something...anything...I get to choose the topic.

Because I once was a very negative person.

And I sometimes still am, I decided to write on

Overcoming Negativity.

Each day, I will link my new post to this "home page. So, at the end, hopefully, I'll have a series.  Please keep in mind that I'm doing this sort of by the seat of my pants; I'm not spending a LOT of time researching, as I have to post every day. While I make every attempt to glean from scripture and what I've been taught, I am fallible and you may not agree with everything I write. 

Oh, and if you want some good reads on just about any topic (not just faith and inspiration) visit Write31days. You'll find hundreds!!!

31 Days to Overcoming Negativity (subject to change as we progress). 

Day 1:   Introduction
Day 2:   It's Too Hard
Day 3:   I Can't
Day 4:   I Don't Have Enough
Day 5:   I Don't Know How
Day 6:   Why Bother?
Day 7:   I'm Too Tired
Day 8:   I Don't Feel Like It
Day 9:   You're Guilty!
Day 10: Shame on You!
Day 11: Crushing the Waves of Fear
Day 12: Get Tough With Yourself
Day 13: I Doubt It
Day 14: Don't Give in to Your Peripheral Vision
Day 15: Conquering the Rock Scrambles
Day 16: What's Your Problem?
Day 17: The Antidote
Day 18: Think Twice
Day 19: Lasso Your Thoughts
Day 20: Whatever is True
Day 21: Whatever is Noble
Day 22: Whatever is Right
Day 23: Whatever is Pure
Day 24: Whatever is Lovely
Day 25: Whatever is Admirable
Day 26: Excellent and Praiseworthy
Day 27: Put It into Practice
Day 28: The God of Peace/Peace of God
Day 29: Always With You

Okay, so it's only 29 days. I started a day late and I took a day off. No condemnation! I've learned to be good to myself. Have you?

Blessings Along the Path,


  1. Looking forward to your series. I can be negative, but I am slowly getting better.

  2. hey, thanks for stopping by! I'm flying by the seat of my pants!

  3. Great topic choice, Mary! We all need to get rid of negativity in our lives so this should be a great series.

    1. I hope so! This is new for me and I just read Day 3 or 4 (they're all sort of melding together) and the list of what I'm saying we're going to explore. SOunds pretty good. I wonder who is going to write these things? Haha! Lord, help! Thanks for stopping by! I'll check yours out tomorrow.

    2. oh, I see that I was at your site're the one who went to Guatemala...the yes lady haha. I'm trying to learn who everyone is; I seem to frequent the same blogs without realizing it half the time simply because of the topics. Great to "see" you again. Sorry, it's been a very long day.