Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Daily Dose of Vitamin "J"

Apparently I am deficient in Vitamin D. I was so deficient that I had to take a prescription strength dose for a few months, and have been taking 1000 IU regularly in addition to my nutritional supplement shake (Reliv) every day. 

Except that I'm still deficient. Doc told me last week. The levels are still low. So I'm upping the dose.

When he first told me this a year ago, I thought, Well that's crazy. I go outside all the time.

No I don't! I lied to myself. Or maybe it was wishful thinking. I work inside for 9 hours out of the day. By the time I get home the sun is either fading or gone. The time I spend outside on the weekends doesn't quite compensate. It's still not enough. And besides, blood tests don't lie.

I know when I'm deficient too. I get sad. I wake up melancholy. I'm more prone to random tears. Vitamin D actually makes you happy. Doc put it like this: "Think of how good you feel when you come home from a vacation. It's because of all the time you spent in the sun."

Similarly, I cannot go through my day without Jesus, finding him momentarily or catching a glimpse of him at the end of the day. Trying to compensate on Sundays at church isn't enough. Eventually I will find myself deficient or even depleted.

I need a daily dose of Jesus----Vitamin "J"

In fact, when I start to get sad, or anxious, when I wake up melancholy, when I begin to cry for no reason, I might just need an extra dose of Vitamin "J."

If you've ever been on a church retreat, or to a conference (like Joyce Meyer), where you're sheltered from the world and immersed in the Word, where all you do is pray and's like a mini-vacation, isn't it? 

And you come back home refreshed, renewed, regenerated. Because you've spent so much time in the "Son."

It feels good, doesn't it?

Then the everyday demands of life creep in and suck the nutrients out of us until before we know it, we're deficient. 

Without a daily dose of Vitamin J, we feel depleted.

That's why it's so important to spend time in the Word, in prayer, in worship, in fellowship with our Lord...every day.

When Doc told me to up my dose of Vitamin D, he told me to take 2 instead of 1. I asked him, "Oh, should I take one in the morning and one in the evening?"

His response was, "You can if you want to. Or you can just take 2 in the morning. It doesn't matter."

It doesn't matter. 

It doesn't matter if you get up at 5am and spend an hour with the Lord or if you lay in bed at 6am (like I do) and spend a few minutes with him, then later in the day (when you're more awake, like me) spend more time. I talk to Him all day long. There is no prescribed method. Whatever works for you.

Just don't neglect your spiritual health. Don't forget to take your Vitamin "J" every day.

Blessings Along the Path,

Song of the Day (a bit cheesy, but it grows on you!)
Jesus, You're My SuperHero (Hillsongs Kids)

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