Monday, October 20, 2014

Overcoming Negativity: Day 19: Lasso Your Thoughts

Today's Challenge:
Pay Attention to What You Think About

Did you ever have one of those thoughts that just keeps going around and around in your brain? I call it the Treadmill of Thoughts.

To me, treadmills are stupid. Pointless. Boring. You walk and walk and walk and actually go nowhere. Yes, you get a workout. But all that walking! And you're still in the same place.

It's that way sometimes with thoughts, isn't it? They just walk and walk and walk around in your little brain and get nowhere. It turns into an obsession. 

Until the patterns on the rug of negative thinking in your brain-living room are worn threadbare and you're worn out.

We really need to pay attention to what we're thinking about. 

If the thought is:

  • repetitious
  • discouraging
  • demeaning
  • accusatory
  • unrealistic or
  • simply not true...
it's time to lasso that thought and bring it into submission to the Truth of what Jesus says.

You may have heard the scripture:

We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ (2 Cor 10:5).

There are three steps involved here:
  1. Demolish the argument
  2. Lasso the thought
  3. Make it obedient to Christ
Demolish the Argument
Through our belief in Christ, we are given access to the Father. And because of that access, we have been give the power to "demolish" or cast down arguments and any other thing that attempts to set itself higher than the power of God.  There is nothing higher. So it is not only our right, but our duty as a believer not to allow those thoughts to give themselves more power than what's been given them.

The Greek word for demolish (or casting down) is from a word which means to find fault with, blame or condemn.

I find that very interesting. 

Because before we can even "take a thought captive" we must first argue against that thought, because it is attempting to set itself higher than what God says. We must condemn it and tell it that it has no right. We use the tools we have been given to fight our spiritual fight-not as the world fights, for our weapons are not carnal (2 Cor 10:4). We use the Word of God, the Truth.

Lasso the Thought
I live in New Jersey. We don't do rodeos here. We do car-jackings...different kind of rodeo. Heck, we don't even pump our own gas. But I do know this: to lasso means to throw a rope around. It is designed as a restraint to be thrown around a target and tightened when pulled (source).

When those untamed and wild thoughts come into our head, and after we've established that they do not belong there, we need to throw our God-rope around them in order to restrain them. 

Otherwise, they'll run rampant through our brain, setting off all the other random and wild thoughts.

Once they're restrained, the lasso must be tightened. I've watched cowboys once they lasso a wild horse or a bull. It takes a lot of muscle to actually stop that wild animal. If the cowboy doesn't know what he's doing, he can be pulled along and risk being badly hurt. 

Same thing with wild and negative thoughts. If we lasso them and don't know what to do with them, we'll just get pulled along into all the chaos.

Make it Obedient to Christ
Have you ever seen an alligator wrestler? I think these people are crazy, but I suppose they live for the excitement, and possibly the protection of others from that alligator, especially if it's in a residential area. 

Alligators are feisty creatures, but once they're wrestled, the wrangler brings it into submission sometimes by wrapping duct tape all around its snout, but mostly by lassoing it and sitting on its back. The alligator is made to be obedient. (watch some crazies here)

It's that way with any wild animal that needs to be "broken."

It's that way with our thoughts too.

It's not enough to just lasso it and bring it into submission to ourselves. We need to sort of "deprogram" the thought. Teach it to obey its Master.

For instance, a thought says this:
I wish I could do what she does. She's so smart and pretty and popular. And I'm such a plain Jane, a dope, a screw-up. My whole life is a...


Out loud, you declare:

No, that simply isn't true. Because of Christ, I am a new creation. I am completely forgiven and fully pleasing to God because He has justified me through His Son, Jesus. I am totally accepted and loved by God. He knew me before my mother even knew me. He formed me and I am wonderfully made.I may not be the most popular, pretty or smart in my school/workplace/community/social group/church (etc), but God sees me as perfect because He made me in His likeness. 

Thought---YOU'RE WRONG!

My God is right.

There is no greater power than the power of God and He has power of me--YOU do not. So just go back to hell from where you came and stay the name of my Jesus Who loves me, died for me, and lives for me.

So there!

Get to know your scripture, specifically what God says about you. Do not believe those lies when they come in. And once you lasso them and make them obedient to Christ, picture them like a tame, timid animal in a cage. Keep them there and do not let them out. 

You are in control of your thoughts. Don't let them run wild. Bring them into submission, into the obedience of Christ.

Pay attention to what you're thinking today!

Blessings Along the Path,

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  1. Great thoughts and encouragement for today, Mary! I can get myself stuck on that treadmill, too...and It is simply pointless! I'm studying Ephesians right now and that wonderful book is reminding me that God loves me...He chose me...and I am HIS! So, when those negative thoughts enter my mind, I focus on Him. You are so right...He is above all things! What a blessings!

  2. Thanks Joan. And thanks for stopping by. When we really get it deep inside how much God loves us and it really has nothing to do with us...what a wonderful release it is...a wonderful letting go of having to perform and attempt to earn His love. He is such a good God!

  3. Great truth Mary! I have thoughts that feel like a hamster on a wheel. And I agree with you treadmills are pointless. :-) I've started praying over my negative thoughts, asking God to cover them and give me peace. He is always faithful and good. Blessings to you!

  4. Thanks Deb. It's often so difficult to jump off that wheel/treadmill while it's in motion! But once we do, it's such a relief!

  5. I do live in lasso country and this is a particularly applicable post in my life right now! I let anxious thoughts get me down sometimes! Thanks

  6. Lasso County? How cool! What state is that in Helene?

  7. I love your metaphor with the lasso, Mary!

    My 13-yr-old is a rodeo athlete and team roping is his favorite event. So, I often glean life lessons from horses and rodeo events.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Joe. There are lessons everywhere we go. We just have to be open to seeing them! Someday maybe I'll go to a rodeo.

  8. The study I am in by Matt Chandler has been talking about this idea. God must want me to take care of those thoughts once and for all! :)

  9. Don't you love when God does that? Where everywhere you go there it is! I just visited a blog that spoke to me and I'd sort of (conveniently) forgotten that God was trying to speak to me about that very thing.