Thursday, October 23, 2014

Overcoming Negativity: Day 22: Whatever is Right

Today's Challenge: 
What do you measure your moral compass against?

I suppose today's post is more of an editorial than a teaching. It didn't start out that way, and I certainly didn't intend it to be so. But there it is.

I don't like to get involved with politics or controversial social issues, mostly because I'm sort of ignorant and don't debate well. I'm taking a risk today because I'm sure there are some who simply will not agree with what I say. 

Too bad. 

It's my blog and I can still exercise my freedom of speech. This is what I believe. You may or may not agree. Feel free to leave your (respectful) comments.

It's not the direction I wanted to take. I was going down another, more fun path, but when I really thought about this scripture and allowed the Holy Spirit to show me what it means, He derailed me and led me down another track.

I will simply say this:

Our country's moral decay is largely due to the fact that there is no established right and wrong---no moral compass of which to measure our standards by. 

And in Philippians 4:8, Paul tells us that whatever is...right...think about such things.

So what is right? 
And who determines it?
What is the standard to which we measure right and wrong?
What if your idea of right does not line up with mine?

Should we be tolerant of everyone's "right" and "wrong?"

I'm sorry to say that I do not have all the answers. And even if I did, I certainly wouldn't be able to address them all in less than 500 or so words.

2 Samuel 8:15 tells us that David reigned over all of Israel, doing what was just and right for all his people. Some other translations use the words good, fair, just, justice, righteousness. My favorite is the Good News Translation which says that David always made sure his people were treated fairly and justly.

Justly is defined as morally right or fair(source)

Which brings us back to the beginning, really. It's all a matter of what each person thinks is morally right, fair, just. That's the whole problem!

And here's exactly why we're where we are:


 adjective \ˈmr-əl, ˈmär-\
: concerning or relating to what is right and wrong in human behavior
: based on what you think is right and good
: considered right and good by most people : agreeing with a standard of right behavior 

That definition sums it all up. That's from Merriam-Webster. Most other sources say something similar. 

It's very sad when we base our moral standards on what is "considered right and good by most people." 

Or worse, simply what I think. What I think? But I don't know what I think. I have to learn it from somewhere or someone. It's all too vague, too wide, too...acceptable, tolerant.

No, I choose to live by God's moral code, the one set forth by a Judge greater than any earthly judge, a King more powerful than any earthly king and a Sage wiser than any other sage who ever walked the earth. 

The Originator of the Moral Compass, the Author of our Moral Code, the Referee of what some might call the "game" of life. 

To me, it's no game. Life is a gift given to me by my Creator. I owe Him the courtesy of adhering to the morals that He set forth in His Guidebook. His "Right."

Therefore, I will love, but

I do not have to be tolerant. 
I do not have to be politically correct.
I do not have to agree with those who tell me I must.
I will not feel guilty because I disagree.
I will not be coerced into changing my moral compass.
And I refuse to be bullied by those "tolerant" people who will not tolerate what I believe.

Whatever is biblically right...I will think on these things.

Blessings Along the Path,

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