Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Overcoming Negativity: Day 7: I'm Too Tired

For those of you just tuning in, I've been exploring the different excuses we use that lead to negative thinking and keep us trapped in negativity.

So far, we've looked at the following (if you missed any, you can click on the links to get current with your excuses):

It's Too Hard
I Can't
I Don't Have Enough...
I Don't Know How
Why Bother

Today, we'll look at another one:

Oh, how we love that excuse!

We use it all the time, don't we?

I used it the other night when the vacuum that The Hubster so kindly cleaned for me needed to be put back together. It was outside and all the parts were outside as well, and it was dark and cold and I was Too Tired!

Let's just put a disclaimer in here: There are legitimate reasons for being overtired, which exempt you from "The Excuse." 
  • Not enough sleep
  • Physical ailments
  • Stress
  • Overcommitment
HOWEVER, sometimes we use these legitimate reasons to opt out of our responsibilities anyway. Then, it really does become an excuse. The simple solution?

If you're too tired, then don't commit. 

Learn to say no (that's another series...or check out Lisa TerKeurst's book, Your Best Yes in my sidebar on amazon). Don't take on more than you can handle. Learn to rest. 

"I'm Too Tired" is actually quite complex. Sometimes, when you feel tired, you need to give yourself permission not to do something. You have to learn to be discerning between a real "I'm too tired" and a counterfeit, "I'm Too Tired"...the excuse.

Okay, end of disclaimer, and on to the counterfeit, "I'm Too Tired!"...the excuse.

You know what I think is funny about using "I'm too tired!" as an excuse? It's one of those Broad excuses. 

We use these excuses to lead to qualifiers in order to validate our first excuse. 

Like the vacuum...

I'm too tired. Well, that's too broad. It needs some qualifiers: 
I got up early for church, then went right out again and was out all day. And yesterday I did all those errands and I never had a chance to relax and it's dark and it's cold and I really don't need the vacuum. 

Finally, to tie it all up neatly, I end with a nice bold statement of procrastination: I'll put it together tomorrow. 

Here's the thing: Nobody asked me to put the vacuum together. The Hubster really didn't care if it was sitting outside. He cleaned it, but he had no intention of actually using the thing. It could probably sit outside until next spring for all he cared. So who was I making that excuse to?


And The Hubster.

In my mind, it was not acceptable to leave a vacuum and its parts laying outside. Not only does it not look nice, but it needs to be done-NOW!!! It's not okay to wait until tomorrow (that's just my stuff..needing to do it NOW).

And explaining why I'm so tired was a subtle and manipulative attempt to get the Hubster to feel sorry for me and put the vacuum together. YUCK!!! Am I really still doing this?

BUT...after he cleaned it, he confessed that he didn't remember how he took it apart! I had told him, "Don't worry about it. I'll put it back together."

Ah, now we're getting somewhere. 

"I'm Too Tired" is a feeble attempt to get someone else to do it for us.

Ew! Just...ew! Is that what I did? Yup, I did. 

I wasn't too tired to put it back together. 

Really...what exactly is "too tired?"

I could realistically have done it. If I wanted to. But I didn't want to. So I came up with an excuse. 

Good thing my man believes in grace.

Tonight, when I get home from work, I'm going to (pardon the really bad pun) "suck it up" and put that vacuum back together. And I'm going to watch myself when I say, "I'm too tired," from now on.

Blessings Along the Path,

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