Thursday, October 9, 2014

Overcoming Negativity: Day 8: I Don't Feel Like It.

Today, we'll explore the Last of the Excuses. I could probably write for a whole month on excuses...there are that many...and I know them so well! But we're going to move on after today to a fun new sub-topic: Emotions that lead to and keep us living in Negativity-ville.

But for today, I chose an excuse that is the mother of all excuses:

Today's Challenge:  
Stop Procrastinating. 
Don't wait until you "feel" like it. 

"I don't feel like it" is a great excuse to use because it can be used when you don't really have an otherwise valid excuse. 

Obviously, "I don't feel like it," falls in the apathy category, if there is a category for excuses. If there isn't, perhaps I'll start that. I can market a cute little file box with cards for each excuse and you can write down all the times you used that excuse, so that you don't re-use the same excuse too many times. Perhaps an online version might be better, but I like to touch things, like the file box. And I can decorate it, and make it an idol.
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Sorry, my creative mind doesn't always understand the command of "Stay!" 

Seriously, though, that's not so far off. It's really what our mind does, often without our being aware of it. Like a computer, it searches for a file---an excuse. And if it can't come up with one, it shoots this one into the part of our brain that makes decisions.

How many times have you said, "Oh, I really don't want to go to that baby shower/bridal shower/birthday party/volunteer dinner/fund raiser/class trip. What kind of excuse can I come up with so I don't have to go?"

Oh, come on, you know you've said that. We've all said something like that at some point.

The thing about this one is that it's really a lame excuse. If you're going to make an excuse, at least try to come up with a better one. Put a little thought into it!

My Excuse Box would be best kept in the kitchen because that's where I use most of my excuses. I look at all the dirty dishes in the sink that need to be washed, and say, "Ugh! I don't feel like it." And walk away. Two hours later, they're still there! What? The Housecleaning Fairy didn't hear my excuse and come to my rescue? 

Nope, she didn't. And she won't.

My girl, Joyce (Meyer) says, "You can't take authority over your life if you can't take authority over a sink full of dirty dishes."

"I don't feel like it," keeps us wrapped up in ourselves and what we want. It keeps us trapped in negativity because it keeps us trapped in apathy. We simply don't care. And when we don't care, we begin (or continue) to focus inward. And when we focus inward, we see all our flaws and when we see all our flaws we can't help but be negative.

When we have a responsibility to do something, no one wants to know how we "feel" about doing it. If you wait until you "feel" like doing it, you may never do it. 

After I finish washing those dishes, I always think, "Wow, that only took 5 minutes." 

I spend more time ruminating about my "feelings" about the task at hand than the time the task would actually take.

We need to learn not to let our feelings control our lives. We need to stop using excuses to excuse our behavior and stop letting excuses keep us stuck in Negativity.


Blessings Along the Path,

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