Friday, November 7, 2014

Now I Know My Father's Love

For those of you who don't know, I am a singer/songwriter as well as a writer.

Several years ago, I published two albums back in the day when cassettes were still a viable option and CDs were the hip listening choice (shameless plug: purchase here).

They (cds and yes, cassettes as well) are currently taking up valuable real estate in my basement closet. I'm not great at marketing myself, and I really didn't know how or where to sell them. I published these cds for the same reason I publish my blog: I had a lot to say (via music) and simply wanted to share my stories, my experiences and my hope for healing with others. 

Much of what I wrote on the first album was written from the place of pain and heartache from a divorce; a place where Jesus met me and offered the balm of Gilead. It also includes revelations of God's love, faithfulness and promises from the years "formative" years.

A few nights ago, I finally figured out how to create a "movie" in order to get my music on YouTube. It took me hours to do a simple slideshow. It was actually not that hard, and pretty cool, but technology is really not my thing. And the slides didn't change where I wanted them to. Whatever. 

So, here is my first video:

Out of all the songs I've written,it's not my favorite song, but there's a reason I put this one up first: because it goes along with Monday's post: Gifted Ignorance: Overspiritualizing Your Gifts.

So why don't I just wait and include it in Monday's post? Good question. Because I really want you to hear another song that goes so well with the topic (one that is not mine).

I never write a song for no reason. Every song has a story behind it. And I always get to live it out. This one is no exception.

Beginning next week, I'll be sharing with you some of my "stories behind the songs."

I'd start today, but I've already babbled enough. Besides, I need the weekend (and maybe beyond) to figure out how to write it concisely. 

Look for the title, "The Stories Behind the Songs: Now I Know My Father's Love" sometime next week---hopefully on Tuesday.

Have a blessed weekend, and 
Blessings Along the Path,

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