Monday, December 22, 2014

Look For the Joy

Yesterday was the first day of winter. Yay!

Okay, but I thought you were S.A.D., Mare...why would you be excited about THAT?

Because... it was also the shortest day of the year!

Okay...again, why would that make you happy?

Because starting today, the days start getting longer!


There is always a reason to rejoice in the midst of a situation where there seems to be no reason. Sometimes, you just have to look harder for it than others.

As you go through this last week of Advent, as you go through the busy-ness of the week before Christmas, try to remember that.

In every circumstance, there is a cause for joy.

In the midst of the chaos, there is peace.

In the dawn of each day, there is hope.

In the cradle of Christmas, there lies Love.

Find the joy in each circumstance.

Search for the peace in the chaos.

Discover the hope in each new sunrise.

Allow the Love of Christ to flood your soul.

And enjoy that extra minute (one minute may or may not be an accurate's just my estimation) of light that each new day gives you.

Since I will have some time off from my job next week, I've decided to take a much needed break from blogging until the new year. I want to thank each one of you who takes the time in your busy day to read my ordinary thoughts on our Extraordinary God. I'm always amazed when someone says to me, "I read your blog every day. Keep writing because you have no idea who you're ministering to." Sometimes, those words are what keep me going.

I'm not big on New Year's resolutions, but this year, I am praying that God will reveal to me a word for 2015. Just one word. Last year it was "simplify" (but I had never even prayed about that. I realized it somewhere around October).

I'd love to hear what God reveals to you for 2015. See you in January!

I pray that God blesses each one of you with peace, hope, joy and love this Christmas. 

Have yourself a merry little Christmas...(If video does not display, click here)


  1. I am also praying for my Word. It may not come right away, but I hope it will come. Blessings!

  2. Mary. Thanks for visiting. A word comes and you question "why?"
    Well, that my dear is the word. Love your word. "disciple" Let it rest on your lips and you see someOne to follow - you're not alone. Try it again and this time close your eyes and you see control versus chaos. Open your eyes again and you hear the whisper, "you're in good company. I called them disciples." Good solid word. Can't wait (breathless) to see what plans He's got for you. Oh - by the way - I love your humor! That my "go to" when I'm stressed. When my husband collapsed at the tennis court (from dehydration) I whispered in his ear, "Your insurance is good, when you get up I'm going to kill you." He perked up and laughed.
    In Him....~Chris