Monday, January 5, 2015

One Word Conversations

This one word trend (which seems to have been around for years but I only just found out about) has really impacted my little world lately.

First, I "got my one word" for the year (disciple), and then I started reading blogs where others shared their "one word."

All of this got me thinking...

What if...

What if we had only a few minutes to make an impact on someone...let's say, a stranger...and we had to have a conversation using only one word sentences? 

If we didn't have the luxury of using words as if they were verbal diarrhea (like I too often do), would we take the time to consider our words before we use them?

Face it...when presenting the gospel, people don't want to be hit over the head with bible verses. Those verses mean nothing to those who don't want to hear them. They're just a bunch of words that maybe they've heard before, maybe they haven't. But just a bunch of words nonetheless...perhaps meaningless words.  

And they don't want to have "religion" shoved down their throats with a lot of rules (more words) and they don't want to be told that their beliefs are wrong (more words).

Remember when you were a kid and you were given a lecture when you did something wrong? Or the teacher you had that droned on and on...mine was Mr. Trawney, whom we called, "Yawny Trawney." U.S. History at 7:30 AM with someone who is monotone is not the best way to retain information.  All you hear is blahblahblah...or the teacher in the Peanuts cartoon.

Words are very powerful. While a string of words can bore a person, one word has the capacity to wound and one word has the power to heal. 

That's why the thought of a conversation using one word sentences captured my attention, so much so that I wrote a skit about two strangers who meet briefly while waiting for a bus. One has a hard heart, the other tries to get through...all using one word sentences. It's still a rough draft, a work in progress. Maybe it will be performed, and maybe it was simply an exercise for me...the woman of many learn to choose my words wisely.

The words we use do need to be chosen very wisely and very carefully, especially if we only have a few moments to make an impact, and especially if we're only allowed one word.

Think about that today. 

If you had to choose one word to make an impact in your world today, what would it be?

Because I'm so enthralled with this "one word" phenomenon, I'm going to dedicate some time this month to "one word." Each new post will focus on either one particular word, or some aspect of exploring words. Since I'm a word geek, I'm excited about this. I hope some of you, my readers are word geeks as well!

I don't know if it will last a month, a week or one post. But I do have a few words that I'd like to explore, starting with the one that popped into my head early this morning out of nowhere. I believe it was the Holy Spirit because I don't even know what it means. In fact, I had to look up the meaning.

What's the word? 

Well, you'll just have to check back on Wednesday.
Blessings Along the Path,

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  1. WOW so true! I have put much time and prayer into hearing from God about my "Word" for 2015, which I have! I hadn't considered any other life application from the concept like you have so thank you for bringing this truth into light today! I am going to be aware of the "one word" conversations I have with people today! #RaRaLinkUp #WriteOn!

    1. Thank you Sarah! And thanks for stopping by to cheer me on!

  2. I wasn't going to do a One Word this year thinking that maybe it was too cliche. But I asked God what He thought and He whispered FREEDOM!! Now that's exciting. For me, my husband and our marriage. Freedom from the little foxes, freedom from past brokenness, freedom to be the me He has made me to be. Blessings to you, Mary!

  3. That's kind of funny, Sheila-He gave you the freedom not to do the One Word and then gave it to you. He's so funny that way! That is a very exciting word! I look forward to watching it unfold with you!

  4. Our words do hold so much value and the less we say the more powerful they become. Thank you for getting me thinking... :) You are fun to read.

    1. Thanks, Kelly. I try to infuse humor in my posts, even when they're serious. That's just who I am. And yes, it is so true...less is more...something I have spent over 50 years trying to learn!

  5. Wow! This is so true our words have such an impact on others. I can not wait to see where this takes you through the year. :)

    1. Thanks, Brandi. I'm enjoying making new blog friends...who knows the impact our written words have on our readers!