Monday, February 2, 2015

Don't Let Worry Steal Your Sleep

The other night I lay in bed pondering the finances.  I'll bet none of you have ever done that.  
I was reviewing the bank balances in my mind, and realized, Hey, wait a minute...we're short $1,000 in our Mortgage account (the checking account designated to pay the mortgage, taxes, etc.). And I have to pay the mortgage after this paycheck. How did that happen?

I "sat bolt upright in my bed," and grabbed my phone, quickly logging on to the bank website (gotta love technology!). Yup! Sure enough, there it was, glaring at me. The balance, minus the $1000 that should be in there.

It happened because we transitioned from having the bank hold our tax money in escrow to paying our own taxes. I figured it all out and we should have come out ahead of the game. I went over and over the numbers countless times. I even made a makeshift spreadsheet. But I forgot that I tapped into it for Christmas presents, renewing the passports ($110 each!) and a few other things...including the taxes.

My stomach churned. We have a cushion in the account, so the mortgage will get paid. It will just leave us with...well, $1,000 the account going forward. Not the end of the world, but it could be the end of my job as the Accounts Manager of the House of Flaherty...that is, if there was someone to take my place. My only competition doesn't want the job.

Did I beat myself up for messing up the calculations I'd so diligently went over and over?

A little. But not for long.

Did I worry? Did I lose sleep? Did I have dreams of foreclosure? Did I lie awake trying to figure out how to replace the money that wasn't exactly missing, but had just been displaced? 


Many years ago, my father told my mother this bit of advice when she lay awake worrying:

What good is worrying going to do in the middle of the night? It won't change or solve anything, so you may as well go to sleep.

I never forgot that. And I never let worry steal my sleep. 

Menopause, yes. Worry, no (Well, to clarify, I don't actually let menopause steal my sleep. It just does...and I don't worry about it. I just go with it). 

I recently read somewhere that worry is not trusting God. 

That makes sense.

When we worry, we take the situation back from God. We're making ourselves a little god, putting ourselves above God, by saying, "You know what God? I don't think you can do this. I think you might need my help. I'll take it from here." 

Can any of you add a single hour to the length of your life by worrying? (Matt 6:27)

Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. (Matt 6:34)

Isn't that the truth! Each day has its own worries. But do you see...the DAY worries...not the person. 

Matthew 6 is loaded with "do not worries."  Jesus tells us to look at the birds. Right now, the ground here in New Jersey is covered with snow. But I don't see any birds wringing their little bird hands, nervously waiting by the snow-covered grass wondering where their next worm is coming from. I doubt they toss and turn in their nests, wondering with wide eyes opened all night where they'll get the sticks to add on to their nests when the babies come.

But I can't help it, Mare. I've always worried. I'm just a worrier.

Yes, you can. And no you're not. Those are excuses to hold on to your worry.

You can help it by simply turning your thinking; by making a choice.

  • Choose to trust. Let God deal with it. 
  • Choose to break free from the patterns of the past.
  • Choose not to slap a negative label on yourself!
  • Choose not to lose sleep over a situation you have no control of in the middle of the night. Get the sleep your body needs in order to deal with the situation the next day, if necessary. 
  • Choose to fight the battle in your mind!
  • Choose to declare yourself a victor, not a victim!
  • Choose to think instead on "whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable; if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things." (Phil 4:8)
Does what you're worrying about fit into the choices? Does it fit into the things in Philippians 4? Chances are, if you're worrying, then it doesn't. 

Make a choice to change today. Don't let worry steal your sleep, or your peace. 

Blessings Along the Path,

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  1. Great thoughts! It is so easy to think....and re-think...when we should be sleeping (and resting!) Your dad was right... worrying doesn't do any good.... not always so easy to just go to sleep though. We need to walk closer and closer to the Savior and discipline ourselves to trust... not worry. Thank you. :)

    1. exactly! It doesn't happen (excuse the pun) overnight...but it takes with anything that we need to turn from and change. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I heard that worry is a form of meditation. If we can just take Scripture verses--ones that apply to that particular situation--and think on them, chew on them, so to speak, the way we do with worrying, then we'll be obeying the command God gave to Joshua about meditating day and night and having great success (not the exact words, I know).

    1. That's a great insight, Deb. People get scared when they hear the word, meditation, but it is a spiritual discipline that can be used for the right purposes, as well as not so right. It's knowing what is right, as you say, meditating on the word, and utilizing it

  3. I used to worry a lot. And the worse thing was that I wanted to do something about it, right now. In the middle of the night, that moment, no matter what, but something!
    Of course, that made me to do a lot of stupid things and to suffer the consequences.
    It was a long road and it took years and so much heartbreak, but I have learned to give my worries to God. Even though they keep me still awake at night from time to time, I know that He will take care of them. He has me covered.

  4. Oh boy, haven't we all done that at some point? I think that most of the time, the only way we truly learn is by doing those stupid things. Maybe that's why I feel like I've learned so much, being on the other side of 50---I had a lot of years to do all those stupid things! (And I was very successful at it!)

  5. Wow - how encouraging and just what I needed to read... Especially regarding finances. Not sure that I can be a financial manager... but thank you for this post, it is really great! And I will remember that worry is not trusting God - a good way to think about it :) Thank you for linking up - I am your neighbour at #RaRaLinkup :)

    1. Ruth, in case it wasn't clear in my blog, the finance manager thing was a sarcastic comment. That's what I call myself at home. I could never be a "real" finance manager. I hate that stuff. And yet, I keep getting jobs that require bookkeeping. Ugh. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. So true! I know when I'm worried because I'll have erratic sleeping patterns then. Worrying is not of God's. He commands us not to worry too many times.

    Thanks for reminding me. :)

  7. Thank you, I really needed to hear this today. I've just given myself a mental slap to give it to God and trust in Him. Thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

    1. Thanks for stopping by Terri. I'm glad I could offer a nugget of wisdom.

    2. Thanks for stopping by Terri. I'm glad I could offer a nugget of wisdom.

  8. Worry is such a beast sometimes! I love your point about the night; there is nothing we can do at that point. So true. Thank you for your wisdom, encouragement and love to us. We are all blessed. And, thank you for joining the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! I love your encouragement.

    2. Thanks, Kelly! I love your encouragement.