Monday, March 9, 2015

America's Crockpot

I'm still on my social soapbox. Humor me for one more day.

When I was a little girl, I was taught that America was a melting pot. 

Today, I look at it as more of a crockpot. 

A melting pot takes everything and melts it into one thing. The ingredients lose their identity and take on a new identity of sameness.

A crockpot cooks slowly so that all the flavors can be infused with each other. It's great because you get this wonderful tasting meal without losing the flavors of each original ingredient. 

That is what America is to me: a crockpot. 

Too much political correctness forces us to fit into someone else's mold and lose our beliefs and identity...a melting pot. 

But too much focus on diversity actually causes division, not unification. That's more like a buffet table. Help yourself to all you can eat. But don't forget to take a little of everything!

Individual language and culture ought to be celebrated and thrown into the mix to make a wonderful American meal. America is about allowing people to be part of that wonderful meal without losing their original flavor. 

The thing about a crockpot meal is that no one ingredient or flavor dominates the meal. In other words:

Celebrate who you are, where you came from and where you are today, and allow others to do the same. But let's not make a big deal about it, lest we become too diverse and separated.

Blessings Along the Path,

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  1. Your take here is similar to the message in my only multicultural story program. I teach the power of true multiculturalism through the old folk tale, Stone Soup--and a bit of history on the place of the Storyteller in cultures both globally and historically. Humility in knowing your true value with respect and love shown by esteeming others higher. Also, the idea of hiding behind a "culture" to make a case for destructive and demeaning behaviors that ought not to be tolerated in any culture is no excuse for toleration or celebration of same. Such ways should not be lauded, protected, or passed on to the next generation. EVERY human culture needs to be redeemed. Discernment will go a long way in making a multicultural society truly multicultural friendly.
    Yeah . . . there's my soapbox.
    Love ya, Mare!