Friday, October 9, 2015

Daughter/Mother Joy-Round Two

The other day I celebrated the joy of my daughter's birthday.

Today I celebrate my mother's.

Her yearbook described her this way:

"Franny" always keeps things humming.

I had to laugh when I read that because she is indeed always humming. You can see where I get my peppy and spotlight personality from. The dancing and cheerleading genes skipped a generation. Neither my sister nor I can dance a lick. But Amy sure can.

We sort of jokingly and lovingly sometimes call Franny "The Matriarch."

Back in March, The Matriarch had a heart attack. My sister and I thought it was indigestion or stress--anything but what it was. Boy, did we feel terrible when we discovered that she was actually having a heart attack! 

But praise God, she came through having a triple bypass like a pro. 
Today, she looks and feels better than ever.

Thank you God.

The thing I love most about my mother--well, it's hard to choose. I mean, she's my mother! I love everything about her. But the three things I love most about her are the things that I share with her-humor, strength, and faith.

We're both sarcastic and witty.
We've both been through pain, heartache and trials, and come out a stronger woman.
But best of all-we both love Jesus.

One of the not-funny-at the time-but funny-now moments was when she was in Cardiac ICU and I decided to take her Billy Graham prayer book to her so that I could read the daily devotions to her.

One day, I read without first looking at what the devotion for that day was about. I read without thinking. It was about knowing that we'll go to heaven if we should die today.

I kept reading out loud, sort of horrified at what I was saying and thinking I should stop but I didn't know how to stop in the middle. It didn't matter-she was half out of it anyway. Thank God! Not exactly the most encouraging devotion to read to someone in CICU--but I suppose, appropriate. Nevertheless...

I'm so grateful for doctors who can perform these amazing surgeries. I'm in awe of how the human body amazingly heals itself. And I'm celebrating the joy of my mother's life today as she turns 50 (remember, I'm only 40 and she had me young, too!).

Strong, funny women who love Jesus never reveal their true age.

Happy birthday to my mommy!

Blessings Along the Path,

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  1. Hello Mary, a beautiful birthday to your mom. The pictures you shared are so lovely.

    Blessings to you family.

    1. Thanks Ifeoma. We all went out to dinner last night and the whole restaurant sang happy birthday to her when the band was informed it was her birthday. It was a jazz band who played music from her era-she had a great time and so did we.