Friday, October 23, 2015

Friends of Joy

There is nothing that encourages me more than when a reader tells me how something I wrote in a post brought encouragement.

This morning I got an email from a reader, who is also a dear friend. Grace shared this with me:

Your "Choosing Joy" series spilled over into my life into a "Choosing Peace" moment...

She had to go to the dentist for several issues and was feeling tremendous anxiety. 

I was getting almost sick over it. But I said, "If I can choose joy, I can choose peace," and let go of all the anxiety. I rejoiced in the Lord and just had such a feeling of relief!

That made my morning! You go, girl!

And it also got me thinking that while Gratitude and Joy go hand in hand (laughing and dancing into the sunset, if you'll remember from yesterday), their friendship is contagious. Others simply want to be with them.

I think Peace waits by the quiet waters where the sun is setting. Patience is with her. They sit quietly, speaking in hushed tones of deep subjects and how to be catalysts to change. They wait for those silly and buoyant--yet lovable friends of theirs to come to the sunset. They know that their friends have many stops along the way--people to cheer up and encourage, random courteous, kind, and compassionate tasks to perform. 

Peace and Patience are expecting Joy and Gratitude, but they smile knowingly at each other, realizing that by the time their friends reach the shore, there will no longer be solitude. It also may be after sunset. They will have new friends with them, and most likely, those friends will be different ones than the ones from the night before. That's just the personalities of Joy and Gratitude. Everyone just wants to be with them, and all are welcome! Their presence brings light into the dusky dark of the evening.

What a wonderful picture.

And what a wonderful picture my friend Grace painted for me:

If I can choose joy, then I can choose peace. 

What about you? What area of your life has joy spilled over into? What "friend" of Joy and Gratitude will you bring to the sunset tonight?

Thanks, Grace for that wonderful reminder and encouragement for all of us!

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Thank you for continuing to read, support, and encourage me! I value each and every reader.

Blessings Along the Path,

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  1. Well, this series is great, Mare, and if I could post everyday I might have been tempted to join. Unbridled Joy was my two words for this year and I have been full of weights dragging along. Not quite the thing. Mostly, I identify with Peace and Patience on the brook's edge watching the sunset. I have never been the life of the party sort. More of the deep ruminator. I love how you personified things here. It will have me thinking through the day, to be sure!

    1. Well, as you know, I'd be the one getting sidetracked and laughing into the sunset. I'll meet you at the quiet water's edge and we'll find the happy (joyful) medium! I think that when God gives us our "word" or "words" for the year, He knows exactly how the opposition to that "word" will come. It's a good thing we have no clue or we would probably say, "Uh, could I have a different word, please?" You have had opposition/weights, but in this life there are troubles, but we have overcome the world! Love you friend!

  2. Oh Mary, what a beautiful picture you've painted here with your words, Love. Visiting with you this morning has truly been a joy. I felt a sweet calmness come over me as I reading. Really made my heart smile. Thank you so much for sharing this! GOD bless you, beautiful friend! :-)

    1. Tai, I love the glasses! I'm so glad you were blessed. I was equally blessed reading your blog today--I loved that song!