Saturday, October 31, 2015

I Am Not a Just a Statistic

"Keep going! KEEEEP going!"

These were my cardiologist's parting words today.

"You DID it!" he said, encouragingly. "I've only had one other patient who did what you're doing. You and one other person out of 5,000 have managed to change their lives and get off all their meds. KEEP going!"

I realized in that office that not all doctors want to keep distributing meds and keep you coming back. Some doctors--and my guess is really that most doctors--truly desire to see their patients turn their lives around and get healthy. 

His words encouraged me and made me realize this:

I am not just a statistic. I am a person who has made a significant change, and that change has led to incredible joy.

If you told me two months ago that I would be on my way to being medication free and in the best shape I've ever been, I would have looked at you from my armchair and said, "Okay, what's the catch?"

The catch was that I had to turn my life around. I had to give up a lot of things I liked, and I had to increase the thing I thought I was allergic to---exercise. I had to deny my flesh, learn to crave Jesus instead of food, discipline myself instead of overthinking what I didn't "feel like" doing, and work really hard at achieving my goals. And I never want to go back.

If you told me two months ago that I'd be running a 5K, I'd have said, "No. That's not possible because I absolutely detest running." Yet, that's where I'll be in three weeks.

Today, after I left the doctor's office with instructions on how to cut back and eventually eliminate the blood pressure and cholesterol medications, and to keep doing what I've been doing, all I wanted to do was run.

Yesterday I finally tried that new route I mentioned on Sunday, and I hit the 3.1 miles I have been working toward (3.1 miles=5K). I was exhilarated! Today, since I had such good results, I ran the same route. 

Around mile 1.5, a song came on and if I wasn't running, I might have fallen to my knees in worship. I've heard it before-after all, it's on my playlist. But for some reason, I was overcome with a sense of gratitude and overwhelming joy. 

The song is called, Here in Your Presence by New Life Worship.

I thought, "How can running possibly be a worship experience?"

I tried to remember how much I hate running, but I was loving it! I was so caught up in the presence of my Savior, that I could barely contain my emotions. I wanted to weep with gratitude, and lift my face to the sky (but it made it hard to breathe while running). I'd taken my earbud out (I only use one so I can hear traffic and bad guys sneaking up on me) and had my phone in my sweatshirt pocket. The music flowed, and my hands, being free from holding the phone, wanted to praise God. He is so good.

But alas, I'm still self-conscious about what I might look like to those peering out their windows (as if). Instead, I found myself simply letting my arms fall to my sides and holding out my palms. I tried to close my eyes, but running on a road with your eyes closed is almost as bad as running with scissors.

I ran like this for awhile, while the song continued. I truly felt caught up in the heavens, especially with words like, Here in Your presence we are undone; here in Your presence heaven and earth become one. I have never before had a worship experience quite like this while running. But how could you not when your route looks like this?

I passed a young teenage boy trying a new move on his skateboard. He kept trying and failing. But he kept trying. As I passed by, I heard my doctor's words to keep going. I did it. And so can he!

"Keep at it!" I told the boy. "You'll get it!"

"Yeah," he muttered with a nervous chuckle. Who was this odd woman who closed her eyes while she ran, held out her palms and played Jesus music from her pocket?

She is a woman who has been transformed in more ways than one. Through the power of God and through hard work and determination. 

She is a woman filled with intense and immense joy.

She is more than a statistic.

And so are you.

I hope you've enjoyed my series on joy. It is my prayer that something you read this month touched your heart and spurred you on to intentionally choosing joy.

And just for fun---here's a picture I took on that run of a REALLY big camp chair---I think it was made for a giant. I've never seen a camp chair this big.

It's hard to tell just how big it is without a person in it--just take a look at the storm sewer behind it, or the cup holder and imagine a can of soda in it. Is it a chair or a basketball net?

Thank you for accompanying me on my joyful journey. I hope and pray that you continue choosing and spreading joy wherever God plants you!

Blessings Along the Path,

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By the way, I also met the challenge of writing and posting every day this month!

To see how far I've actually come from my first day of running, you can read my article/essay in the Women's Running online magazine.


  1. Congratulations, Mary! You are a better woman than me and I applaud you conquering both the writing and the running thing. And, especially the joy thing. Your success convicts me on so many fronts just now. Weary and overwhelmed in its season, your words encourage me. Blessings and perhaps this is the follow up book to the negativity book, eh?

  2. Thanks, friend. I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished. It's been a goal of mine for a long time to get off my meds but I never really had proper coaching. Funny, once I started eating healthy in order to lose instead of just eating healthy, and put it in my brain that I HAD to exercise in order to lose, things just started happening. HOWEVER, I tried to get off meds before even after losing weight, and failed. I truly think that the key this time is my attitude toward life, simplifying my life and my committment to take EVERYTHING to Jesus--bad and good. (Of course, for some people, it is necessary to stay on meds)

    As far as the book---the negativity book is on hold while I start this other one about The Wanderer (based on the personified characters I wrote about in this series). I've got a LOT of writing going on---well, more ideas than the writing, but I'm working on that!!! I am so grateful for our friendship! Hugs!

  3. I think we all have to learn to see ourselves as 'special' and unique in God's eyes ... for that's what we really are... not a nameless face in the crowd or even less, a number without a name. God knows us individually and equips us specifically to make an impact on this world for His glory! Keep up the good work!

    1. You're absolutely right, Karen! And when we can do that, we can learn to accept ourselves for who God made us to be.

  4. I've been catching pieces of your series, and loving it. You are truly a gifted writer (and runner, it seems - who knew?). Appreciate your prayers as I am a walker not a runner. Also as I rewrite my novel according to what God has suggested (a good idea to listen to His suggestions, no?)

    1. Thea, it's always a pleasure to see you here! I was a walker/hiker and NEVER in a million years even considered running. It seems like every day that I run, this thought runs through my head, "What am I doing? I am actually running? This is crazy." I will put you on my ongoing prayer list---I certainly understand rewrites! Except that I don't want to do mine! So, kudos to you for tackling such a huge project--we never want to say goodbye to our beautiful words, thoughts, and subplots. I can't wait to read the finished product. Let's try to talk soon! Evenings are best for me, but we can text to see what works.

  5. Mary, thank you so much for the compassionate comment you left on my blog! It made me want to read your writing. I love this post, I'm in the same process of focusing on Jesus and healthy lifestyle. You remind me of the Olympic runner from "chariots of fire" who said, "God smiles when I run!" Many blessings to you ❤️

    1. Oh, you're so kind, Beth. I'm not sure if He smiles when I run, but I know He smiles when we make every human attempt to bring glory to Him. And He loves us no matter if we run, walk or lie on the couch eating Halloween candy, which is what I'd actually prefer right now.

  6. This is so awesome Mary! Congratulations.

    1. Thanks Barbie! I went to linkup with you Saturday and didn't see the linkup---maybe I was too early? Then I got busy and completely forgot!