Thursday, October 22, 2015

Joy in the Ordinary and Mundane

I'm tired. And cranky. It took me awhile to notice my complaining and whining (although I'm sure Hubbles could have pointed it out to me much earlier, though he very graciously didn't). When I started annoying myself, I knew something was amiss.

There was a lot of joy in my day, as there is every day. I was positive and encouraging. And I received encouragement in an email from a friend. 

I went to weigh in today and lost weight, lost a good percentage of body fat and was encouraged by the team at the wellness center. All that hard work is paying off.

I think that when you live a life of intentional joy, it just becomes a way of life. Some days are just ordinary and mundane. Nothing special happens. Nothing out of the ordinary causes you to say, "Wow---THERE'S the joy!" The whole day is just joy. 

That's how today was.

Some days you just get to enjoy being:  

Being alive, being healthy, being a child of God, being a friend, being a mom, being a daughter, being a sister, being a wife, being a kind neighbor, being kind, being compassionate, being intentional, being courteous, being friendly. The list could go on.

And having:

Having a job, having money to pay the bills, having clothes, having shoes, having a bed to sleep in, having clean sheets and blankets, having heat, water, and food, having a car, having a house and a back yard, having a safe neighborhood to live in, having electricity, having beautiful things to decorate my home with, having hair. The list could go on.

One day, many years ago when I attended Al-Anon, I called my sponsor and started griping about all that was wrong in my life. She was far from sympathetic. She said, "You know what you need to do?"

Finally, she was going to offer me a solution--the way out!

She continued.

"You need to make a gratitude list."

So not what I wanted to hear. But when I did it, I stopped griping. 

Maybe this post is more about Gratitude than Joy, but I think they travel together. I can just see the two of them skipping down the path into the sunset, laughing, throwing their arms around each other.

I'd like to accompany them tonight instead of the alternative: Whining and Complaining--they're off in the opposite direction talking over each other, not even listening to what the other is saying, constantly trying to one-up the other, thinking about all the wrongs, and overthinking all the things to worry about. They don't look out at the horizon--they don't even know--or care--where they're headed. They just look down at the cold, hard, dusty ground and grumble about their discomfort at having to walk so much and so far. And their uncomfortable shoes. 

No, I'm off into the sunset tonight with Joy and Gratitude. 

But I think I'll remain silent the rest of the night just in case.

Blessings Along the Path,

(No pictures tonight. Too tired.)

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  1. You know, Mare, I was just talking about this to a friend yesterday. About how easy it is to get stuck in a pattern of negativity. I think you're absolutely right, there is an intentional aspect to joy. And I also think that gratitude is key. I know sometimes I get in a tizzy when someone tells me to *count my blessings* when I'm in a bad mood. But, they're right. So, tonight I think I'll keep silent tonight, too, unless I have something POSITIVE to say!

    For indeed, God has blessed me with much.


    1. Yeah, we really don't want to hear positive things when we're on a roll of negativity. We want to gripe and have everyone around us feel sorry for us or at least agree! I've caught myself many times saying something in public, something stupid, like mumbling my crappy shopping cart with the wobbly wheel, and making a show of excessive and overplayed turning of the cart into the next aisle, as if EVERYONE in the supermarket should stop what they're doing and agree and sympathize with me. Oy! But when I see someone else doing that, I crack up! Makes me wonder how many people are laughing at me.

  2. Ha ha, I relate! Sometimes I annoy myself too. I enjoyed reading your post. Visiting from Faith and Friends

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Thanks for visiting, Valerie!