Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Joy of Autumn

I woke up today and it was November. 

Not really, but it sure felt like it and looked like it. There was frost--and I mean frost that looked like a dusting of snow--and fog on the top of the quarry lake. It was something like 29 degrees. I'm so not ready for this.

I can't believe that we're already into the second to last week of October (and already on Day 20 of the 31 Days of Joy). When I decided on the topic of Intentional Joy, I really had no plan (and still don't). I simply wanted to make my life intentional on finding joy, and there was (and still is) an endless supply of joy. 

Sometimes it overflows my cup, and other times I do have to be intentional about finding it. But mostly, it's been a "joy-ride" because that's what I've decided my life should look like, feel like, and live like. Our time here on this earth is short, and I don't want to waste mine complaining and whining. I spent too many years doing that. It's time to live intentionally joyful!

I don't know what Autumn looks like where you are, but here in New Jersey it's been stunning! Crisp days and clear blue skies perfectly complement the rich reds, bursting oranges, and vibrant yellows of fall. 

I love all things fall (except Halloween--it boggles my mind why we'd want to provoke and instill fear, horror and evil...but that's not for this post). 


(which is your favorite color? So many to choose from!)

Scarecrows, cornstalks and all the things we use to decorate!

Pumpkin-flavored anything 

Watching the leaves flutter through the breeze-dancing their way to the ground, hearing the swish-crunch of little feet leave-plowing through the piles, and watching the dog, year after year, marvel at these things falling out of the sky.

Less strenuous and sweaty hikes through the woods, which are becoming less dense. 

Cider dogs, cider beans, and cider donuts at our favorite Hacklebarney Farm Cider Mill (if you're anywhere near Chester, NJ this is a MUST VISIT for Autumn--they also offer a corn maze for the little ones, and they press their own cider-delish!)

I love driving on back roads and seeing the vast array of colors painted on God's canvas of mountains and hills, like an artist's palette--a burst of red dotted throughout the landscape of trees rich with yellow and orange and tenacious green, clinging--like myself--to the memories of the warmer and brighter days of summer.

I find joy in Autumn. It seems that everyone is happier, wanting to be outside. There is an air of festivity in the simple holiday of Autumn. Not to mention that there are photo opps everywhere!

I was trying to find a short video clip of leaves falling and stumbled across this beautiful (short) video that really depicts Autumn (in case you don't already know...duh). Still, it really is a lovely video. (Bonus: the video continues with soothing instrumental music and pretty autumn scenes). Please enjoy. 

Oh, and did you notice the little word ensconced in enjoy---that's right---JOY!

Where will you find joy today?

Blessings Along the Path,

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  1. Love this! Love all your fall joys! We are into full-on gorgeous here in Michigan, too. My favorite mum color is the one my mom got me: deep red, to match the accent color on my house. (We cannot throw just any color into the mix of a red, white, and blue house.) Thanks for reminding me all month to choose joy...may you find and choose it today, too, Mary! (P.S. Will you still be my friend when I put up my post about "Why I Love Winter"? ;) )

    1. I love your responses, Elizabeth. You always make me laugh! And I love that you have a patriotic house. I guess you have to love winter if you live in Michigan. I'll still be your friend, but I do have to disclose that while I used to love winter, I barely even like it anymore. The older I get, the less I like the cold (wow, I sound like I'm about 80). The one good thing is that when we hike, there are no snakes, insects or bears to worry about.