Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Joy of a Daughter's Firsts

28 years ago today my second child, my baby girl was born. I already had a son who brought me joy. Would another child steal that joy? Or would the first one keep it all? Would I have enough love for both? Of course those questions were all unnecessary. God gives mothers extra love to extend to each child. More when they need it more.

I was so young (ahem, is 12 too young to have a second child? Since I'm only 40, I guess that's how old I was when I had her, right?).

But seriously, I was young. I knew nothing about babies, and the hospital had already let me leave with the first one, against my better judgment. Now they were handing off another one to me (I did get the hang of it eventually)!

There is something about having a child--a joy that cannot be described. It's overwhelming and yes, exhausting--but oddly intoxicating at times. The smell of that baby's hair. The peach fuzz on the back of the neck. The gummy smile that makes your heart skip a beat. The sound of a belly laugh. 

So many firsts. First roll over. First smile. First steps. First shoes. First Christmas. First birthday (why do we always throw a huge party when the baby doesn't even know what's going on?)

First fall off the six foot high slide (backwards-she changed her mind, and I was waiting at the bottom when she disappeared right off the top of the slide! She could have had her first broken neck, but thank God she only had her first wind knocked out of her). 

First friend. First grade. First fight with first friend. First band concert (she talked the whole time to the other drummer--sports were more her thing--beating on a snare drum was boring). First wheels (bike). First pet (Poor little hamster got his fur wrapped around the axle of a Barbie car). 

First time on the swings ride at the amusement park (BIG mistake---she swears that's when her fear of heights started...who knows, it may have been back on that slide).

First time jumping into the deep end (I tried to catch her and didn't do it right and we both almost drowned-that was a first--and a last for me). 

First job. First prom. First heartbreak.  

She's always wanted to be a princess, but truthfully, she has more of a queen personality--not so unlike her mother. And it's better to be queen. Princesses are a dime a dozen, but there can only be one queen. 

Since I'm already queen of my hive, she has her own hive to be queen of. First apartment. 

First big girl job. First checking account. First new car. 

First disappointment with the working world...First second job.

First "years later" confession: Did you really think I had cheerleading practice at 8:00 at night? Well...yeah.

She's all grown up now. Not much older than I was when I had her. (I lied--she is only turning 13). How can this be?

But she'll always be my little girl. And I'm so glad we're close enough that I can still share her joy of firsts. And there will be many more. Queens must embark on many firsts!

I know because I'm still experiencing some of my own firsts.

And I have the great joy of sharing those firsts with my own mother, The Matriarch, whose birthday is in two days!

Happy birthday to my second born, yet my first daughter! I love you and all your firsts!

Blessings Along the Path,

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  1. You are tempting me to envy, Mary! I don't know if you know that or not! ha! I have always wanted a daughter, but God "blessed" me with three sons. I'm grateful to have a new daughter in law (or love--either works!), but she is miles away in Virginia. So even that's something of a bummer. Am I complaining today? Yep, I need to work out those "gratitude" muscles I was talking about back at my place. It's a constant struggle, but I'm very "grateful" to be able to visit your blog, be encouraged and laugh a little with you as well. You are quite the "queen" of humor, my friend! xxoo

    1. oh, that's right-I'd forgotten that. I am always blessed by your blogs as well, my friend. I love visiting--I need to get over and watch more of your SJVs.

  2. Awe, they grow up so fast, don't they? So many firsts and so many memories. I look at my own 2 kids and can't believe how the time has flown right on by. I have my own little queen bee and I can't wait to see how she lasso's this world and makes it her own. :)

    1. Alecia, they really do! I really cannot believe that some of those pictures were over a quarter of a century ago! It really is fascinating (and often very challenging!) to watch them develop their own unique personalities. And that cliche---enjoy them while they're young-they grow so fast--is so true, even though at times you want to haul off and punch that nice little old lady in the face because you're enduring yet another temper tantrum in the grocery store. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Oh how I love this! With two young daughters, I'm in the middle of all their "firsts" and enjoying every minute of it!

    1. Keep enjoying! Like I said, I'm still sharing my firsts with my own mother! It's a beautiful thing-that mother/daughter bond.

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