Tuesday, October 27, 2015

the Joy of Receiving

Picture this: 
You're out to lunch with your friend and she picks up the tab. 

Do you 
A.Try to grab the check so you can pay instead?
B. Insist on splitting the bill?
C. Graciously thank her and tell her what a blessing that is?

How about this scenario:

You admire someone's necklace and she takes it off and gives it to you.

Do you
A. Become flustered and say, "Oh, I COULDN'T!"?
B. Laugh nervously and say, "I didn't expect you to really give it to me!" and try to change the subject?
C. Graciously accept it and tell her what a blessing she is?

If you steered clear of "C" in either or both questions, you may have a problem receiving.

Most people find joy in giving. And if Christmas and birthdays are any indication of how much people like to receive, then I'd say that most people enjoy that too.

But those are "expected receiving" occasions. We expect to receive gifts on designated gift days.

But what about those unexpected times? Why do we feel like we don't deserve to be given a gift? If someone deems us worthy, then who are we to argue with them?

Imagine you are on the giving end (which I'm sure you have been many times). You really want to bless someone by giving, and you're met with "Oh, no, I just can't let you do that." Do you feel a little frustrated when you have to insist?

Not receiving something joyfully is insulting to the giver. Yes, I said it is insulting. By refusing a gift, you are telling the giver that they've made a mistake in judging your worth, and you're robbing them of a blessing. Just as you want someone to accept your gift, you need to learn to accept joyfully and graciously. Simply say thank you, and allow the blessings to flow between you both.

Have I mastered this? Well, I don't know. Why don't you offer me something and I'll let you know. Juuuuuust kidding. 

No, I have not mastered it. Sometimes I am uncomfortable when someone wants to give me something, and sometimes I am able to accept it. For me, it depends on the worth--if it's expensive, or if it costs the giver something to give it up, I might feel guilty. I need to work on that. Maybe God is intentionally putting that person in an uncomfortable place by asking them to give that thing up so that He can work on an area of their life. Refusing the gift might hinder the work of God in that person's life.

Giving and Receiving are friends of Joy but they often get sidetracked. They usually don't even make it down to the shore to the sunset. They're too busy blessing everyone along the way. 

If someone wants to give you something today, accept it graciously and then bless them. The blessings flow to both the giver and receiver.

Blessings Along the Path,

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  1. Love your series. Added your blog to my list.

    1. Thank you so much, Missy! That really means a lot to me.

  2. Mary,

    I so agree with this. I've always been a much better giver/doer than receiver. It's humbling to receive but so helpful in forming strong relationships. Happy to see you're doing Write31Days and happy to find you at #RaRa linkup.

    1. Thanjks Lisa! I think most women are better at giving than receiving. I also think that the irony is that we all WANT to be given TO. We WANT to receive, but we won't tell anyone. So when we are in that position, we don't know what to do.