Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Joy of Routine

We celebrated several birthdays last week. And of course, all celebrations revolve around food.

Hubbles and I typically enjoy an evening out once a week to give ourselves a break from cooking (yes, he does cook!), but it seemed like that's all we did this weekend. Friday night. Saturday night. Then yesterday after church we found ourselves at IHOP where I just HAD to get pumpkin pancakes. Too much!

It wasn't just the eating. It was the general disregard for my routine. I skipped my morning run. I skipped my early morning time of bible study and prayer. I skipped and I paid.

I tentatively stepped on the scale this morning to assess the damage. I had gained 4 ounces. Okay, I see you rolling your eyes. Really, Mare? 4 ounces?

But those 4 ounces put me into a whole different pound category, so it seemed like I gained a lot more. Plus, I work so hard every day to maintain my new way of living, and because of that, I see results-every day. I've been steadily losing. To see the increase made me feel like my hard work didn't pay off.

Sorry for the interruption, folks. We now return to our regularly scheduled program. 

Weekends are tough. It's when the whole routine of the week just falls away. Then we typically jump back on the bus on Monday morning (some Monday mornings we're running after the bus yelling, "Waaaaaaaiiiit!").

There is joy in routine.

But I admit, there was joy in giving up that routine. There was joy in just enjoying the Sabbath rest without feeling the need to "do." And there was immense joy when I walked by the IHOP window and saw how skinny I looked!

No, I didn't lose that much weight. It was sort of a reverse fun house type shape and it gave me a VERY distorted view of my real self. Hubbles said they probably do that on purpose so that everyone will think they're skinny and eat more once they get inside. Worked for me.

There was joy in that moment. We had a good laugh at my image and his comment.

Sometimes routine needs to be broken. Sometimes you just need a break from routine. Let's not beat ourselves up over it. In fact, maybe you just need to break the routine for a little while and discover the joy in that!

Just make sure you jump back on the Bus of Routine next time it stops. Or call a cab. 

Routine is good. Routine is joy. But so is breaking it. Go figure.

Blessings Along the Path,

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  1. Routine is important. My son was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. A lot of our fall school semester has been consumed with establishing a new routine. Praise God He is constant!

    1. Well, my goodness, for something medical, like Diabetes, esp. Type 1, routine is SO important! I started reading your story, by the way--I have to return to it when I have more time. So far, it's pretty good! Brave girl, putting it out there for everyone to offer feedback.

  2. I agree sometimes routine needs to be broken!
    Thanks Mary

    1. Always good to see you here, Ifeoma. I trust you received your book. I saw your comment on the giveaway page. Hope you enjoy it!